Vijay Millay on Formula One


Joyce Meyer on Patience

Joyce Meyer

B.C. and A.D. on Good Friday

Johnny Hart was cartoonist who produced the comic strip B.C. from 1958 until his death at the drawing board in 2007.  After Hart’s renewal of religious faith in 1977 in Presybyterianism, the comic strip often incorporated Christian themes into the pre-historic backdrop.

This was even more evident for pieces run during  Holy Week.

Some Jewish critics argued against a depiction of replacement theology.  But Hart  offered an apology “if I have offended any readers,” but still
thought the strip could increase “religious awareness” and claimed that
he had meant the strip to be a tribute to both religions.
If one needs more traditional timber for the conveyance of scripture, one can certainly rely upon the charismatic current Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, to contextualize Good Friday.


h/t: Johnny Hart 

Dr. Aaron Kheriaty on Suffering

140418b Aaron Kheriaty

Abraham Lincoln on Freedom

Abraham Lincoln

Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez on Dying

Gabriel Garcia Marquez R.I.P.

Paul Gauguin on Seeing

Paul Gauguin

Bobby Hull on Being a Millionaire


Flannery O’Connor on Truth

Flannery O'Connor

Bloomberg Believes That He’s Earned an E-Z Pass Thru the Pearly Gates

As Michael Bloomberg engaged in a publicity campaign with the New York Times which highlighted his $50 million personal contribution to support gun control, the three term former  Mayor (D,R,I, D- NYC) offered some insightful opinions on his eternal reward
While Mr. Bloomberg is Jewish in origin and agnostic in practice, he is confident that his nanny state policies banning Big Gulps, trans-fats, salt and his efforts to grab guns has earned him an easy pass through the Pearly Gates, should it exist. 
Bloomberg’s metaphysical musings seem counter to Christian concepts of sacrificial redemption from the Cross, which will be celebrated this weekend during the Triduum and Easter. 


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