A Bit on Reconsidering Liturgy

America, the Jesuit magazine, published an interview with Cardinal Francis George as he prepares to cede pastoral responsibilities for the Archdiocese of Chicago to current Spokane Archbishop Blaise Cupich. The  wide ranging interview touched upon secular hot button political issues, sacerdotal celibacy, clerical sexual abuse and the recent Synod of the Family.
But Cardinal George’s comments about Liturgy have particular as the third anniversary of the implementation of the New (Third) Translation of the Roman Missal approaches.

Henry Miller on Destinations

Henry Miller on Destinations

A Bit About Obama’s Just Joking About Early Voting

During a campaign swing in Wisconsin, President Barack Obama urged those assembled (before they left early) to go out and vote early. Mr. Obama made a slight slip of the tongue which he tried to convert to a bon mot by doing a variation of the “vote early, vote often” saw.
While this was probably an innocent slip of the tongue, it is worth considering the underlying message.  
Vice President Joe Biden has been fulfilling his role as election attack dogs by scaring voters about the Tea Party to gin up liberal turnout.  For those who may feel discouraged by the last minute besmirching and the specter of election fraud–let not your hearts be troubled.  Remember what Hugh Hewitt wisely wrote:  If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat.


Joe Biden on the Tea Party

Joe Biden on the Tea Party


Well, at least when Vice President Biden was on the 2014 Midterm elections hustings, he isn’t accusing Tea Party types of being terrorists like he did three years ago.



Bob Marley on Life

Bob Marley on Life

Kobe Bryant on Competition


What If the World Series Was Covered Like Election Night?

Danica Patrick on NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity

Billy Graham on Religious Freedom

Billy Graham on Religious Freedom

New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan on Synods

Cardinal Timothy Dolan on Synods


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