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R.I.P. Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers R.I.P.

Joan Rivers, the octogenarian comedienne, died today from surgical complications in New York City.  Rivers was known for an acerbic sense of humor.  She was not afraid to make mordant, self-deprecating quips about her own aging process.


Obama’s Handicap– Golf

President Barack Obama has developed a reputation about enjoying the perks of being President, which includes frequent travel on the taxpayers dime and fancy socializing.  As the world is in crisis in the Gaza War, the shadow War in Eastern Ukraine, ISIS terrorism in the Levant and Iraq as well as racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, President Obama chose to take another extended vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to enjoy some (more) golf and rub shoulders with the rich and famous. 
While staying at the tony resort town, President Obama staged several brief statements to feed the media beast before keeping his tee time.  What created a media firestorm was the informal way that Mr. Obama addressed the beheading of American photojournalist James Foley (no tie, kept calling the slain journalist “Jim”), the President’s short five minute  vacuous statement.  Within six minutes of ending this photo op, Barack Obama was back on the golf course, yukking it up with Alfonso Morning et ali.
The Obama Vineyard Presidential statement occurred simultaneously as James Foley’s parents grieved on camera about their murdered hostage son. This  golf gaffe really stuck in the craw of the Media and called further attention to President Obama’s seeming obsession with golf. 
Mark Knoeller, a veteran White House reporter who felt frustrated over how the Oval Office controlled news going to pool reporters, developed a practical metric for measuring the Commander-in-Chief performance– study their official schedules.  Thus it can be noted that President Obama has shot 186 rounds of golf (so far) in his Presidency.  It has been observed that Mr. Obama is slow on the links, taking over five hours to complete an 18 hole course.  That tots up to 38.75 full days on the green, or 116 average work days, or 23 1/4 average work weeks.  No wonder why Greg Gutfeld asserts that Obama is addicted to golf.
But it is not just the “right wing” media who are seizing upon this obsession with golf.  The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd penned a satirical piece titled “The Golf Address” which parodies the Gettysburg Address.  Perhaps Dowd’s overdosing on a cannabis candy bar contributed to the satire of Mr. Obama’s favorite President (aside from himself).  When you’ve lost a lefty life Maureen Dowd, this should not be dismissed as silly season stuff or partisan politics. 
Eric Schultz, a PR flak for the White House, suggested that sports are a good way for people to clear their minds and recharge their drives, and the Deputy White House Spokesman is exactly right, except as Leader of the Free World optics are everything.
President George W. Bush really used to enjoy golfing. In 2003, however, Bush gave up golfing as President in a wartime setting.  Mr. Bush reacted to pressing news on the War on Terror and then took a swing with his driver.  That was insensitive optics and the “43rd” President changed his ways. There is little likelihood that his successor will follow his lead. 
The White House has argued that the modern President is never really on vacation as he is accompanied by a gaggle of advisers and communication equipment.  Of course, Mr. Obama bragged about having his phone and his pen.  All of that is well and good, but does that stand up to real world scrutiny?  
If ISIS wanted to really get President Obama’s attention, they might want to slightly change their tactics to cater to the POTUS handicap. 

      Nate Beeler 

Obama’s New Golf War? (sic)

While the parents of murdered photojournalist James Foley were meeting the press, President Obama took five minutes away from his current vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts to comment on the brutal beheading. Within ten minutes of Mr. Obama’s brief statement, the so called “Preezy of the United Steezy”   was back on the golf course, yukking it up with golf partner former hoops star Alonzo  Mourning.
President Obama’s photo op was not generally well received even in the liberal Lamestream Media. Some journalists criticized Mr. Obama’s informality, speaking on such a serious subject without wearing a tie.  Another complaint was President Obama referring to the slain American as “Jim”, as if the President had personally known the deceased hostage.  The vacuousness of the comments did not satisfy the hunger in the public to do something.  To that end, there were governmental leaks about a failed hostage rescue by American armed forces.  What seemed to be most damaging was the optic about Mr. Obama shifting from being Mourner in Chief to golfing with Alonzo Mourning so quickly after the event.

On MSNBC’s “The Morning Joe”, host Joe Scarborough offered an alternative take on what the New York Daily News dubbed “Bama’s Golf War”.


Well, isn’t that special?  Here’s a pro tip for Joe Scarborough — resist Potomac Fever.  As late as March, 2014, Scarborough, the former four term Republican (?) Congressman from the Florida panhandle (FL-1st), had been publicly toying with a Presidential run.  You have no real path to the Oval Office and you will never be able to make $99,000 a week other than doing something like your faux conservative schtick on “The Morning Joke”.

Pro arguendo, if President Obama is intentionally projecting an image of being a cold customer to intimidate ISIS, it is worth considering the results of this “strategerie”.

In attempt to be charitable, one hopes that this is not a concerted strategy from Obama’s Oval Office (or putting green), but is a manifestation of a Celebrity-in-Chief who is just playing through– same as it ever was.


Kurt Vonnegut on Life


James Hudson Taylor on Life

James Hudson Taylor

On Silence and Spirituality

Contrary to Archbishop Fisichella’s prediction, a recent study by the University of Virginia indicated that a majority of men would rather be physically shocked than to silently contemplate.
When Glenn Beck explored this shocking study with Rabbi Irwin Kula, the conversation turned to the importance of silence as through this process one can gain a deeper understanding of one’s true self and resist impulses and knee jerky emotions.


Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker on Organized Evil

Barack Obama Underestimated ISIS Abilities

When President Obama dismissed all-Qaeda linked militants (i.e. ISIS) as “jayvee”, his Administration could not imagine that eight months later POTUS would be ordering limited airstrikes against the jihadist terror group in Iraq.  White House spokesman Josh Ernest tried some fancy moves to distract from an uneasy question about this foreign policy flip-flop.

Perhaps President Obama would now choose another favorite sports analogy that the terror group is “punching above their weight”. 

Os Guinness on Evil

Contemporary  language to describe ethics and evil  has grown uncertain and confused.  In the public square, those who speak unabashedly of evil are
dismissed as simplistic, old–fashioned, and out of tune with the
realities of modern life.  However Os Guinness contends that we must come to terms with our beliefs regarding evil and ultimately join the fight against it.  But to do so, we ought to understand three underlying approaches to evil in this world.
Guinness’ talk for the Veritas Forum delineates the Eastern Approach which Hinduism and Buddhism is based, a Secularist world-view on evil and a Biblical approach as embodied in Judaism and Christianity.


Guinness avuncular lecture elucidated a couple of things which are not ordinarily appreciated.  Many know that Buddists believe in reincarnation.  But what they aspire for is Nirvana, which seems a lot less appealing  per Os Gunniness’ translation as “great deathless lake of extinction.”
 One thinks less of Nirvana‘s grungy collection of hit music and more about Kurt Cobain‘s suicide. Focusing on the metaphysical side,  this “lake of extinction” paradigm  tracks Buddhism’s answer to Dukkah “suffering” to have freedom from individuality.
To face unspeakable evil from a biblical perspective, one must grapple with the “trilemma”:
1.  Is evil very evil?
2.  Is God all good
3.  Is God omnipotent?


Richard Nixon on Life

Forty years ago today, Richard Nixon resigned from the office of President of the United States.  The Nixon Administration was roiled in the Watergate scandal.
While Nixon had no hand in the Watergate break-in, the Oval Office taping system threatened to expose President Nixon as involved in the cover up.  In order to avoid impeachment and continuing the American nightmare, Nixon chose to resign the office and return to San Clemente, California leaving Vice President Gerald Ford in charge at the White House.


Nixon’s peroration reflects knowing both the deepest valleys and the highest mountains: “Always give your best, never get discouraged, never be petty; always
remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless
you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

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