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Classic Quote from Major League Movie Was Impov

Twenty five years ago today, the number one box office hit movie “Major League” premiered.  In the film, Clue Haywood was a triple crown winning slugger who had Indian’s pitcher Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn’s number until the end.   
What lent additional authenticity to the diamond drama was the inclusion of a real Major League ballplayer in some of the scenes.  Clu Haywood was played by 11 year MLB journeyman pitcher Pete Vuckovich.  Major League’s writer/director David S. Ward encouraged Vuckovich to improvise during his batting scenes in order to say something which ballplayers would say during an at-bat.  
Clu’s quip to the Indians catcher was meant to  unnerve the opponent during a crucial at-bat.  But the damn Yankee’s  (sic) jibe did not distract the key members of the fictitious Tribe when it most counted. 

R.I.P. Mickey Rooney– A Childhood Star Who Epitomized the Boys Town Credo

Mickey Rooney (ne Joseph Yule, Jr), who had been in show business for virtually his entire life, died at the age of 93 in North Hollywood, California. Rooney was a childhood star who starred in over 300 films and television shows. Rooney was honored with two Academy Awards, one for his role in Boytown (1938) and an honorary Oscar in 1983 for fifty years in the movie industry.

Rooney also earned an Emmy in 1981 for his portrayal of “Bill” about a mentally disturbed man struggling with deinstitionalization.

Despite his enormous acting talent, Rooney led an erratic off-screen life.   Film historian Jeanine Basinger opined: “Mr. Rooney had talent to burn, and he burned it…He has done everything there is to
do in show business, all with equal success, and it might be said, equal
failure.” He was married eight times, struggled with substance abuse, womanizing  and gambling.

While some may turn askance at Rooney’s messy personal life, it is remarkable how Rooney became an evangelical Christian late in life and continued to share his faith until his passing. In the 1970s, Rooney shared how his Christian conversion occurred in the coffee shop of a Lake Tahoe casino when an angel, disguised as a busboy, whispered “Mr. Rooney, Jesus Christ loves you very much.”  After that encounter, Rooney became an active member of the Center for Spiritual Living (a.k.a. Church of Religious Science), founded by Ernest Holmes.

Rooney also relished his relationship with Boys Town, the orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska founded by Servant of God Monsignor “Father” Edward Flanagan in 1917, who is now being investigated by the Vatican for sainthood. The film Boystown was a fictionalized retelling of the “City of Little Men”, with Rooney in his first dramatic role portraying troubled youth Whitey Marsh and Spencer Tracy in the role of Father Flanagan.  Father Flanagan dedicated his life to the belief that there is no such thing as a bad boy and the film dramatized the mission.

[L] Fr. Flanagan and [2nd from R] Mickey Rooney reading first draft of Boys Town script (1938)

After Boys Town finished filming in ten days and was quickly turned around for release, MGM movie mogul Louis  B. Mayer wanted to scrap the film because the grim tale of crime and poverty was too different from MGM’s typical fair.  Mayer reportedly exclaimed: “It will never sell.  There’s no sex. There’s no songs.”  To persuade the MGM studio head, Rooney retorted: “It’s a song of freedom. It’s a song of rehabilitation. It’s a song of
youth, no matter what color or faith you are. It’s about praying. It’s
about living a good life.”

Mickey Rooney took great pride in his association with Boys Town as exhibited in 2003 when he was named Mayor For Life at a ceremony in Girls and Boys Town in Omaha.

[L] Mickey Rooney and wife of 35 years Jan Chamberlain at Boys Town in 2003

As Rooney was promoting the Treasure Train (2011), he testified about his Christian faith and spoke with great affection about being the Mayor of Boys Town.

So as we mark Mickey Rooney’s passing, it is worth considering the values from Boys Town that there is no such thing as a bad boy and how dedication to Christ can clarify one’s life.

Mickey Rooney had his own ideas about his last wish.  In his 1991 autobiography “Life Is Too Short”, Rooney ruminated about his short stature.  Rooney wrote: “I’ve been short all my life. And if anyone wonders what my dying wish
will be, they can stop wondering. That will be easy. I’ll just tell
them, ‘I’ll have a short bier.’ ”

A short bier with a long legacy.

Mike Lee on Crony Capitalism

Freshman Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) shows that he is not afraid to call out his own as well as those in the opposing party to advance ideals of the free market. No wonder why Lee is a darling of Tea Party types.


Jeb Bush on Immigration


During an event marking the 25th anniversary of the Presidency of his father, President George Herbert Walker Bush at the 41st President’s library, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) made some newsworthy comments on illegal immigration.

There has been a buzz in the Lamestream Media which has been encouraging Jeb to run for the Republican nomination for President in 2016.  Based upon these comments, Governor Bush is competing for the blessing of big ticket donors like Sheldon Adelson and GOP-e Karl Rove rather than Tea Party types.

On Congressional Compensation

Twelve term Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA 8th) announced in January that he is not running for re-election.  Yet that announcement did not stop the Northern Virginia Democrat from running his mouth.  The pugnacious politician pronounced that Members of Congress are underpaid.

This quip from Representative  Moran did not come without controversy or cost. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC 4th) sharply retorted: “

But the notion that you can make $174,000 in this country and be
underpaid is laughable. We are better off than 99.9
percent of the people we claim to work for. And I would be embarrassed
to say that — given our job performance and our salary — that we are
anything other than grossly overcompensated.

While Representative Gowdy may push back on being called a “Tea Party Congressman”, his political spirit is closely aligned with a movement which considers at its core that Americans are Taxed Enough Already.

Does Congress deserve a pay raise?
No free polls 



The Real Stinkburger Blue Plate Special

As the former deadline for signing up for Obamacare passed on March 31st and the White House could claim that 7.2 million Americans started applications on, the Obama Administration sought to celebrate. The Obama White House requested a prime-time slot slot to trumpet this achievement, but were roundly rejected by the television networks.  It is surprising that the lackey Lamestream Media did not consider this Obamacare announcement to be, in the words our national treasure Vice President Joe Biden, “a big f***ing deal.”  So President Obama shared the news of supposedly achieving the magic markStill, President Obama was feeling full of himself when speaking the next day before students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After giving kudos to himself for the Obamacare achievement, Mr. Obama went on to characterize House Budget Chairman Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st) ten year budget as a “stinkburger”.

What a way to win friends and influence people! President Obama is such a leader that he can denigrate and punish his political enemies in a charming slight.  Hope that he does not need opposition support to legally enact any legislative initiatives during the remainder of his term.

However, when the golden propaganda is not laden on the serving of public policy, it calls into question what really is the stinkburger.

For example, the Obama Administration is content that 7.2 million people enrolled in Obamacare. But there are two problems with relying upon those statistics.  Simply because one started an application does not mean that one will enroll.  This is why the deadline has been extra-legally pushed backto April 15th if you say that you tried signing up before March 31st.  How apt!

Yet one is not actually enrolled until your first month’s premium is cashed and 20% of those supposedly signed up are eloping from their efforts at   Then there is the nasty reality coming from a Rand Corporation report that only 23% of Obamacare enrollees previously had no insurance (or 858,298 people).   Moreover, only 53% of previously uninsured individuals have paid for their insurance.

The real question are ratios of Obamacare signees, about which the Obama Administration is less than forthcoming, unlike the website log-ins.  As of January, only 24% of Obamacare enrollees were “young invincibles” between the age 26-34, well below the 40% considered necessary to make the system initially sustainable.  There is also a question about Medicare sign ups, who will receive heavily subsidized coverage.  In the first month of Obamacare open enrollment, 10% of the enrollees were Medicare clients. 

These ratio questions will be of paramount importance as insurance premiums for the second year are calculated.  If there are too many heavily subsidized participants, or not enough young invincibles to compensate for older Obamacare enrollees who need more costly medical care, then insurance rates will skyrocket.  However, the Obama Administration has given itself a delay in reporting 2015 premium increases until after the mid-term elections.  Is this a coincidence or more politically convenient?

Radio personality Chris Salcedo has long resorted to calling Resident Obama’s (sic) Obamacare initiative as a crap sandwich.  After the gild of Obamacare propaganda is picked away, there is little doubt who is serving up the real stinkburger.

h/t: A.F. Branco

Martin Luther King on Hate

Sarah Palin on Life in Amazing America

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) continues to be a conservative cultural vanguard who is adept at reinforcing her own brand.  
Palin’s latest project is a reality series Amazing America with Sarah Palin on the Sportsman Channel.  

The series is intended to be an anthology which explores the people, places and pastimes which makes America great as exhibited through outdoor living.  Ms. Palin, who some have dubbed “The First Lady of the Outdoors”, will host the weekly half hour show in which she chooses the topics and the guests.

Amazing America will be co-hosted by comedians Mark Christopher Lawrence and Jerry Carroll.  Carroll claims: “I bring that good ol’ boy, dare I say redneck, blue-collar experience to the viewers.”  The patriotic rockers Madison Rising wrote an original theme song for Amazing America theme.

Amazing America will highlight outdoor sports and spectacles not normally in the limelight, like a blacksmiths’ championship, or spotlights on professional shooters,  knife makers and taxidermists.

But Momma Grizzly’s creative control should allow for messaging which reinforces her political and cultural weltanschaaung, such as her selfie challenge to young women.

Amazing America premieres at 8 PM EDT on the Sportsman Channel.  

h/t:  Breitbart


Examining Obama’s Environmental Obsessions on Cow Farts

Once again, the Obama White House is seeking to clean up the environment by cutting down cow farts.  In June, the USDA, EPA, and DOE will release “Biogas Roadmap” in conjunction with the dairy industry to outline “voluntary strategies” to reduce agricultural methane output by 25% in 2020.
While we will have to wait to learn the details of the road-map , it is reasonable to assume that there is not a  catalytic converter to be placed on each cow as has been done for scientific studies.
Cow flatulence tank used in 2008 Argentine study on Global Warming
 Thus, it is likely to mean that the agricultural industry will be pressured to reduce their livestock by what could be called a cow fart tax.  This would adversely affect small cattle ranchers as well as reduce the cows available to abattoirs and dairies.
What does higher taxes, less product and constant demand mean?  Price increases for consumers with the potentiality of bail outs for any losses to big agricultural producers.  And Americans are nudged to comply with Global Warming and Agenda 21 goals, all without legislation or input from the people.  How convenient!
This crusade against cow farts is nothing new. In late 2008, the EPA sought to regulate agricultural methane emissions through a tax which would amounted on a $175 per head levy on cattle.    Even President Ronald Reagan rightly realized that trees cause more pollution than automobiles do”.
Although methane emissions have fallen by 11% since 1990, fact do not get in the way of agenda environmentalist.  Progressives want to control ordinary people’s lives via the Nanny State to force their agenda without their consent.  This sort of nudge fits into Obama’s pre-election vow of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.
Yet it is unlikely that the elite will live by those same rules.  But as George Orwell observed in Animal Farm (1946):  “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.  Much like bovine flatulence– it stinks.

Don Cherry on Common Sense

Not only is Don Cherry’s sartorial style on Hockey Night in Canada loud, but so are his opinionated analyses, such as comparing traditions in baseball and hockey. 



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