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A Bit on Charlie Rangel on “Terms of Endearment”


Congressman Charlie Rangel took to the airwaves after the Midterm Elections to malign the Tea Party.


At least this time Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY 13th) did not label Tea Party types as terrorists this time.

But purporting that “White Cracker” is a term of endearment was as laughable as considering the 84 year old, 22 term incumbent from Harlem is a paragon of ethics.


While Rangel might make good copy and his social charms makes him a good guest, we should discern if Rangel’s raspy rhetoric should be amplified in the media or shunned as bilious blathering from a hoary has-been.


Luis Gutierrez on Immigration

Luis Gutierrez on Immigration

If reports broken on Fox News and confirmed by the New York Times are accurate, President Barack Obama may take heed of Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s (D-IL 14th) plea and release a ten point Executive Order which fills the void of the duties which properly belong to the Legislative Branch.
Speaker of the House John Boehner has  warned that if the White House issues a ukase on immigration that it will poison the well for any cooperation with the Republican majorities in 114th Congress. Well respected Democrat pollster Peter Hart concurs that Obama’s unilateral actions on immigration indeed would poison the well.

Smile and Wave Boys for “Operation: Got Your Six”

In the run up to their first major cinematic film “The Penguins of Madagascar” (2014), the team took an assignment from FLOTUS Michelle Obama — a P.S.A. for Operation Got Your Six.

Kind of strange to have a Skipper report to a General who is really a Private instead of an Admiral.

None the less, it would be good if everyone in the Pentagon, Foggy Bottom and in the Oval to remember the Penguin credo, from Benghazi to Tijuana.

As this high profile mission may have already blown the Penguin Team’s cover,  so just smile and wave boys.  

Gary Sinise on Sacrifice

Along with his acting career, Gary Sinise has been a big booster of military and veterans’ causes.  Sinise combined his love of music with a beloved character from the film “Forest Gump” (1994) .  The Lt. Dan Band plays cover music concerts for the USO and charities like Operation Iraqi Child.



Angus King on Government

Sen. Angus King on Government

Senator Angus King (“I”-ME) sought to be coy about with whom he would caucus when he was elected in 2012.

King’s rationale supposedly was that he wanted to get the most for Maine.  So it was understandable that he would align himself with the majority Democrats after the Presidential election.  King played the same fan dance in the run up to the midterm elections, claiming that he might caucus with the GOP if they won. 
 Yet even after the GOP wave victories, King still announced that he would caucus with the Democrats.  Either King does not understand the way things work as a minority member of the Senate or his non-aligned words were of wind. 
Some non-conformists have hailed third party candidacies as it opens up choice and may stop the merging of parties.  However, Angus King’s revealing rhetoric on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe exemplifies that an independent is at best a subterfuge or more likely indicating lacking the courage to stand up for a label which  he or she will later embody.

Pope Francis on Annulments

One of the hot button issues during the Extraordinary Synod on the Family in 2014 was how the Catholic Church dealt with the sad cases of civilly divorced Catholics who wish to remarry and receive the sacraments.  Cardinal Walter Kasper, a theologian whom Pope Francis complimented early in his papacy, has long sought to remedy the stark consequences of this broken marital situation.

Pope Francis gave an audience in the Vatican in which he bemoaned the high costs and long adjudication of some marriage tribunals.

Pope Francis recalled an unspecified instance when he was the Archbishop of Buenos Aires in which a member of the marriage tribunal had to be expelled because the corrupt church official offered to take at $10,000 bribe to make sure that everything ran smoothly.  Although that anecdote may be authentic, is sounds suspiciously similar to sales pitches to pass Obamacare so that doctors do not make more money for unnecessary surgeries.

In North America, cost is not the issue in discouraging annulments.  Per the Archdiocese of Baltimore, costs for annulments to petitioners run between $100 to $500 (and that is only half of the actual costs).  If Rome Reports is accurate, the adjudicator may be entitled to $1,000.  However, the Baltimore Archdiocese stresses that no one is turned away for their inability to pay.  Here it does not seem like cost is a factor.

There may be some frustration with the faithful about the time to adjudicate. There is the persistent perception that it takes three to five years to gain a declaration of nullity (annulment), when it can depending upon the case take as little as eight months.


Some of Why Reality Bites for Clay Aiken

In the wake of the GOP wave election results in the 2014 midterms, Republicans gloated about the many liberal legacies and legend candidacies which went down to defeat. One of these sideshow races involved Clay Aiken, the 35 year old sing who first came to fame coming in second on American Idol II and Celebrity Apprentice.  Aiken sought to parlay his fame and social activist instincts into politics, running against freshman Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC 2nd).

This was set to be a tough race ***  [S]o it was no surprise that in a Republican wave election that Clay Aiken once again was the bridesmaid.  But what did raise eyebrows from fans, politicos and financial supporters that despite his crushing 17% loss in the election, Aiken still won a mini-series documenting the campaign with Esquire TV.



While the mini-series move might seem smart to professionally cover one’s behind, the Esquire announcement did not go over well with some well placed supporters.


Steven Tyler, a Hollywood based actor/producer, who organized the Los Angeles fundraiser for Aiken bridled at Clay’s self-serving chicanery.

[L] Actor/Producer Steven Tyler [R] Clay Aiken at Sept. 30 political fundraiser

Those attending the September 30th California fundraiser were told that the camera crew following Aiken were doing a BBC documentary.  The releases which attendees signed were for British broadcast, not in the US. Tyler thought that Aiken’s idea of documenting the campaign was a good one but objects to the legerdemain in the releases.


[Aiken’s concession speech] was boffo bravado for the cameras, but Aiken does not realize that by landing the mini-series, he spent his credibility.


On the hustings in North Carolina, candidate Clay Aiken refused to sing because: “The minute I sing, I’m a punchline… People like me. But I need them to take me seriously.”  Aiken need not worry about being a punchline in politics.

But if Aiken expects to be taken seriously again on the public stage or advocating issues after this docu-series, he might well find that Reality Bites. Clay should consider taking the stage again, and it is leaving in five minutes.


A Bit of DISHing About CNN

Dish Network’s 14 million  satellite TV subscribers have been unable to see CNN or many other Turner Network channels since October 21st due to a carriage contract dispute.   The two big Turner Entertainment channels, TBS and TNT, are on a separate contract and were unaffected by the blackout.

Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen is a maverick who has pushed broadcast rights to the brink in the past to drive a better bargain. Ergen’s quip about CNN and MK-370 highlights the tension between supplying costs and subscriber demands.




Considering CNN’s ratings, it is dubious if anyone would notice about the absence without articles. However on Election Night –the SuperBowl for political junkies–CNN managed to garner 1/3 of Fox News Channel’s ratings.



Mia Love on Her Election

In an era in which candidates campaign on identity politics and elites impose collective guilt, it is refreshing to hear from Congresswoman-elect Mia Love (R-UT 4th).  The day after her election, Ms. Love made the media rounds.   On CNN, Michaela Pereira asked Mia Love a loaded question as to why it took Republicans so long to elect a black woman.

Mia Love’s answer echoed the wisdom of Martin Luther King, seeking to be judged by the content of her character, not the color of her skin.

A Bit on Being Anthematically Verklempt

[W]hat was truly moving was the reaction to an instrumental rendition of the National Anthem during an NFL Monday Night Football game. At MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the New York Giants invited Grammy Award winning trumpeter Chris Botti to play the National Anthem.


Botti’s rendition was so inspiring that it visibly moved Indianapolis Colts veteran Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne to tears.  This stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was no mere formality when it can make a veteran pro football player verklempt. 

On the eve of the midterm elections, when conscientious American citizens prepare to go to the polls and exercise their franchise to support and maintain our democratic Republic, it is fitting to hear such a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem.  Bravo!



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