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Greg Gutfeld on Politics

For those who can stare into the cacotopic cyber crystal ball and see what is in store for Obama’s America, witness the Mo-Town Owe-Town Fugue.

FIFA Red Card for Formula One World Cup Helmet Tribute


Formula One driver Nico Rosberg had a grand plan to honor his native Germany winning the World Cup.  The German Grand Prix will be held in Hockenham, Germany.  The 29 year old driver for Mercedes Benz “Silver Arrow” team planned to sport a helmet which celebrated Germany’s fourth World Cup victory in Rio de Janeiro.



Unfortunately, trademark troubles threw a spanner in the works for this Formula One tribute.  F.I.F.A. gave a red card to the design as the trophy’s likeness was protected.  F.I.F.A issued a firm but friendly denial to Rosberg’s design.

“We appreciate Nico Rosberg’s desire to congratulate the German team and have
therefore been in discussions with the Rosberg team, who have now found a
solution whereby he will still be able to show his support for Germany without
using FIFA’s intellectual property in a commercial context.”

If only the international football organization was consistent in protecting its trademark from Formula One racers.  In 2006,  Jarno Trulli raced in the French Grand Prix with an image of the trophy on his helmet celebrating Italty’s victory, and he suffered no sanctions. 

Rosberg tweeted that he understood F.I.F.A.’s trophy trademark prohibition. 


 Rosberg tweaked his helmet design to include four gold stars marking Germany’s World Cup wins.


John F. Kennedy on Religious Liberty

In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Hobby Lobby (2014) which allowed closely held corporations to follow deeply held religious tenets and not pay for abortifacients which kill human life, the United States Senate considered S. 2578, the so called “Protect Womens’ Health From Corporate Interference Bill”.
One of the more poignant speeches during the Senate floor debate was by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  Cruz observed that the practical effect of S. 2578 would gut the Free Exercise of Religion clause from the First Amendment of the Constitution and impose federal will upon all 50 states through the supremacy clause.
To bolster his argument, Senator Cruz concluded his speech by boldly invoking John F. Kennedy’s quote on religious liberty to condemn so called “faith fines”.

Seasoned political junkies realize that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) brought S. 2578 to a vote as a cheap political stunt which had no actual chance of passage but would gin up a liberal base through identity politics and scare tactic campaigns during a tough election cycle.  While the bill won the votes of all Democrat Senators and a few RINO Republicans (Murkowski, Kirk, and Collins), it failed the cloture vote 56-43, with the Senate Majority Leader switching sides for the ability to vote on it again later.

While this vote on S. 2578 was doomed for legislative failure is instructive.  Senate Democrats seem to care more about partisan politics and elections than respecting Federalism, the First Amendment and Religious Liberty. Cruz quoting JFK spotlights the progress (and arguably the devolution) of the modern Democrat party.  And the episode shows how Christianity is endangered even in America,

Rand Paul on Christianity

The remarks in full of Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) at the 2013 Value Voters Summit sponsored by the Family Research Council.
The metal barricades seen in front of the dais reflected the Government Shutdown Theater, when the Obama Administration went to the trouble to “barry-cade” (sic) public monuments on the National Mall during the Government Shutdown in October 2013.


R.I.P. Liberal Archie

Although the magazine hit the newsstands today, the news had leaked out several months ago– ARCHIE ANDREWS IS DEAD.  In “Life with Archie” #36, Archibald Andrews was shot while diving in front of a bullet to save his “best friend” Keven Keller (sorry Jughead), an openly gay newly elected Senator who wanted to champion gun control.
Perhaps this writer is too far removed from pre-teen consumer spending patterns, but it seems inconceivable that there is much of a market for such Archie comics priced at $9.99 aside from an OCD Comic Book Guy. Paltry Archie Comics sales figures bear this bias out.  The regular Archie comic ranked #327th selling 4,063 copies.  The penultimate “Life with Archie” #35 sold 2,064 copies.
Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater claims that this dramatic demise of the beloved redhead from Riverdale High was difficult. But judging from the edgy additions to an evergreen strip of innocence, Archie’s ending with a big bang was not shocking.
Goldwater has tried to make Riverdale more relevant by adding homosexual characters like Kevin Keller, Harper the “handicapable” character, interracial relationships (in which Archie fathers a child with Valerie of Josie and the Pussycats).  Goldwater also sought to capitalize on the zombie phenomenon with “Afterlife with Archie”.   
Archie taking a bullet generated lots of publicity while burnishing Archie’s brand with heroic virtues.  This dramatic denouement also conveniently closes a clumsy story-line.  Several years ago, Archie marries both Betty and Veronica (albeit in parallel universes).  After an issue of remembrance, readers can celebrate Archie’s 75th anniversary. 
It’s a pity that Goldwater could not honor its few remaining readers and let Archie Comics die with dignity in plots that continued to revolve around high school hijinx, malt shops and fickle flirtations.  Alas, rather than making Riverdale more relevant, the death of liberal Archie makes the funny papers more of a joke.

Pundits pontificated as to how other storied comics could politicize themselves.  Conservative critics satirized Archie’s apotheosis by speculating how his friends would perish is a politically correct cacotopia.
Considering the paltry sales of Archie’s comics, this PC stunt will not sustain increased sales.  However, culturally it seems to epitomize how mass media is jumping the shark ala “The Fonz” on Happy Days (1977).  


Obama: Messiah or Just a Mess? Same As It Ever Was

If only the Talking Heads between the beltways would stop carrying water for the Obama Administration and accept that is the same as it ever was for the Chosen One.
Or to quote Monty Python’s Life of Brian (1979) “He’s not the messiah–there’s a mess alright, but no messiah.”
        William Warren
{Editor’s Note: Apologies for the fruity linky but this particular Python scene was not family friendly}


Barry Goldwater on Politics

Barry Goldwater GOP 1964

Mia Love on Government

Mia Love Government

Mia Love, the former mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah, speaking at the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.  She lost her race for Congress that year by 768 votes along with an alluvia of outside opposition cash.


Love is again running for the 4th Congressional district.  If she wins, Love’s message of traditional values and belief in the American Dream will confound critics who paint conservatives with a broad jaundiced brush.

Fundamentally Transformed Illustrated?

On the campaign trail in 2008, Michelle Obama made headlines when she uttered that she had not previously been proud of America.  But when she was campaigning in Puerto Rico, the future First Lady revealed her vision of how America had to fundamentally change “for the children” of course. 

After five and a half years of the Obama Administration, certain policies illustrate how our President is seeking to fundamentally transform America.

A quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi popular with the “Si, se puede” crowd is:  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  But considering illustrated Obama actions, one wonders.  Gutting of our space program to be Muslim outreach; transforming the IRS into a political weapon against domestic “enemies”; Obamacare rules which entice businesses to convert employees into part time workers to dump them into public health exchanges; and overwhelming the U.S. Border Patrol with a flood of OTM illegal immigrants along with hamstringed rules which basically turns them into babysitters.

 It would seem that a Pogo-ism is more apropos: “We have met the enemy and it is US.”

We are not destined to such flummoxing funny paper fortunes if enough of us can be drawn away from digital bread and circuses and act upon what is truly important and consistent to our time tested values. 

Abortion Advocates Label Faithful Nuns as “Dirty”

During a tough interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox News Channel, Patricia Ireland speaking on behalf of the  National Organization for Women (NOW)  sought to justify NOW’s labeling of the Little Sisters of the Poor as part of the “Dirty 100″ in light of the recent Burwell v. Hobby Lobby (2014) Supreme Court ruling.

Ireland deflected the denigration of the Catholic nuns as being like the “Dirty Dozen” with other corporations, presumably for fundraising efforts.  But Kelly does not let her off than easily, suggesting that the nuns be considered “Groups with whom we disagree”.

The former NOW President kept insisting that the Little Sisters could “opt out” of the Obamacare contraception mandate.  Except the alleged work around forces the Sisters to sign the Form 700 document permitting others to provide the abortifacients which are anathematic to their faith. 

Ireland offered patronizing lip service to the nuns’ living their faith and helping the indigent infirmed. But what she does not realize is that if the Little Sisters of the Poor are eventually forced to pay for such unwanted services ordered by former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius then they will move out rather than contravene their consciences.  

Ireland insisted that I.U.D.s, which is one of the abortifacients in question, does not kill eggs in the uterus.  Well, that’s not quite true.  Generally, inter-uterine devices act as spermicide to prevent fertilization but copper I.U.D.s are touted as an emergency contraceptive for five days after intercourse.  Most sperm dies within two days after ejaculation (even in the uterus), thus the emergency contraceptive quality of such I.U.Ds intimates that it prevents the implantation of the blastocyst thereby killing a fertilized egg. 

Ireland incorrectly asserted that the Supreme Court had ruled on the “opt-out” provision.  Hobby Lobby covered closely held corporations with conscience objections but Obamacare opt-outs for non-profits has not been decided yet (although SCOTUS has offered a unanimous injunction pending appeal on January 24th, 2014). 

Ireland’s fatal rhetorical faux pas was her bon mot that Supreme Court decisions do not affect the reality.  The hostess of the Kelly Files jumped in and asked if Roe v. Wade affected the reality. T o borrow an oft uttered Ireland phrase from the interview “Bless her heart.”


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