A Bit of Hillary Clinton and Media Relations

Hillary Clinton on Media Relations

Hillary Clinton was playing for laughs with her  quip about new relations with the press when keynoting the Robin Toner Journalism award from Syracuse University.  However, it will be interesting to see how her ironic rhetoric meets reality.

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Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton’s Character

Carly Fiorina on Hillary Clinton's Character

Arthur Schlesinger on History

Arthur Schlessinger on History

John Henry Newman on Difficulties

John Henry Newman on Difficulties

Robert Herrick on Life

Robert Herrick on Life

Jimi Hendrix on Prudence

Jimi Hendrix on Prudence

Jamilah Lemieux on Country Music

Jamilah Lemieux on Country Music


As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was the first major politician to throw his hat in the ring for a White House run, pundits scrutinized many aspects of the candidate’s narrative.  Senator Cruz revealed that he started listening to country music after the terrorist attacks on 09/11/2001 presumably because of the patriot messages in the music.  While adding color commentary on MSNBC, Ebony Digital’s Senior editor Jamilah Lemieux painted with a broad brush a caricature of ignorant and intolerance tea party types.


Within two segments, MSNBC apologized for the outrageous opining, but it revealed the true colors of a network which prides itself that it “Leans Forward”.

Thomas Holcroft on LIfe

Thomas Holcroft on Life

A Bit on Dr. Ben Carson Comes Out Swinging for the Campaign

Dr. Ben Carson, the retired chief of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, has experienced a meteoric rise in conservative political circles since he upstaged President Barack Obama with a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2013.  Carson’s mild mannered delivery of critiques of the Obama-nation coming from a faith filled physician with a compelling personal story stole the show.


Dr. Carson granted a long form interview with GQ magazine which was conducted at Armstrong Williams abode. The resulting piece from Jason Zengerle : “What if Sarah Palin were a brain surgeon?” frames Dr. Carson as the Tea Party’s great White House hope, while sliming him with the Alinsky inspired animus associated Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK).  The pull quote from Carson’s GQ interview involved Armstrong Williams egging on Ben Carson to opine on Obama’s optics.


Dr. Ben Carson on Psychopaths

Dr. Carson is a renowned neurosurgeon, not a psychiatrist, so taking a swipe at President Obama as a psychopath is off the mark.  Such a distant diagnosis from Charles Krauthammer (who was trained as a psychiatrist) seems reasonable, but from Dr. Carson it seems like a harsh characterization.  Part of Carson’s political charm is his mild mannered air of authority.  Being bombastic by characterizing the Obama obsession with optics and fooling “idiotic” Americans sacrifices this strength.  Moreover, this pugilistic “psychopath” trope was nothing new and unlikely to garner much new support.

Ben Carson has proudly declared: “I’m not a politician and that I never intend to become a politician. Even if I’m elected to office, I’m not going to be a politician because they tend to do things that are politically expedient. And I’m not trying to do things that are politically correct.”  In this day and age, not being considered a Beltway Establishment politician is an advantage to base voters who tire of political lies and political correctness.

However Dr. Carson is making plenty of rookie mistakes in on the political field.


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John D. Rockefeller on Character

John D. Rockefeller on Character


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