Pope Pius XI on Mediocrity

Pope Pius XI on mediocrity


A Bit of James Comey on Investigations

Ex FBI Director James Comey on Investigations SEE MORE at DCCalamity.US

A Bit On the Sanctuary State Pushback

SESan Diego County Supervisor Kristin Gasper on California's Sanctuary State Law


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Morrissey on Racism

Morrissey on Racism

Some of Neil Gorsuch on Vague Law

Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on Vague Law

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Barbara Bush on Life

Barbara Bush on Life

Fulton Sheen on Complexes

Venerable Fulton Sheen on Complexes

Paul Ryan on the Tax Code

Paul Ryan on the Tax Code

Mark Levin on James Comey

Mark Levin on ex FBI Director James Comey

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A Bit of Jim Jordan on the FBI

Rep. Jim Jordan on the FBI

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