Vladimir Putin on FIFA Corruption Charges

Vladimir Putin on FIFA Corruption Charges

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Rand Paul on ISIS

Rand Paul on ISIS


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Tony Robbins on Goals

Tony Robbins on Goals

Nathaniel Hawthorne on Character

Nathaniel Hawthorne on Character

General George S. Patton on Fallen Soldiers

Gen. George S. Patton on Fallen Soldiers

Ben Franklin on Life

Ben Franklin on Life

Alexander Hamilton on Politics

Alexander Hamilton on Politics

Martin O’Malley on the Tsarnaev Death Penalty Verdict

Martin O'Malley on Capital Punishment


After the a jury sentenced Dzhohkar Tsarnaev to death for killing three people and maiming 264 exploding two bombs near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, former Governor Martin O’Malley weighed in. ¬†While the prospective Democrat Presidential candidate claims to respect the decision of the jury, his rhetoric reverts to a blame America first mode.


Milton Berle on Opportunity


Joe Biden on Top Cops

Joe Biden on Top Cops


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