Some of Joe DiGenova on John Brennan

Joe DiGenova on John Brennan

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James Kallstrom on FBI Leadership

Ex FBI Assist. Dir. James Kallstrom on FBI Leadership

Stacey Abrams on the Resistance

Georgia Democrat gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams on the Resistence

Some of Resisting the New NFL National Anthem Rule

Ex NFL Players' Association Chief George Martin on the new NFL National Anthem rule

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A Bit of Dan Bongino on Why John Brennan is Panicking

President Trump quotes Dan Bongino on why Obama CIA chief John Brennan is panicking

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John Brennan on Enabling Trump

Obama CIA Chief Spook John Brennan warns GOP Congressional Leaders to not enable President Trump

Cicero on Mistakes

Cicero on Mistakes

Hillary Clinton on Politics

Hillary Clinton still regrets mistakes from the 2016 Presidential election

A Bit of Senator Elizabeth Warren on Civics

Senator Elizabeth Warren is either a Civics dunce or a Democrat demagouge

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Some on Emma Gonzalez and Sensible Gun Reform Now

Parkland Student Activist Emma Gonzalez on Sensible Gun Reform Now

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