Dolly Parton on Feeling Low

Dolly Parton on Feeling Low

M. Stanton Evans on Potomac Fever

M. Stanton Evans

A Bit of Bibi Netanyahu on Dangers to the World

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu made his third address before a Joint Session of Congress to in order speak about existential threats against his nation which stem from the prospective Iran Nuclear Deal.
The Obama Administration expressed offense at the Netanyahu speech because House Speaker John Boehner broke protocol by not having not cleared the invitation with the Obama White House (never mind the constitution). The ire against the Israeli P.M.’s remarks then shifted that it was too close to the Israeli elections, even though National Security Adviser Susan Rice recently railed against Netanyahu for undermining US/Israel relations.   Some 56 Congressional Democrats boycotted Netanyahu’s speechValerie Jarrett insisted that President Obama was too busy to watch our only Democratic ally in the Middle East’s speech.
These petulant politicos missed a 40 minute speech which had the feel of a State of the Union address, but with substance arguing against making a bad deal with a revolutionary, expansionistic, jihadic regime with an earned bad reputation.

Naghmeh Abedini on Religious Freedom

Naghmeh Abedini on Religious Freedom


Naghmeh Abedini spoke at CPAC to testify about the importance of Religious Liberty.  Abedini is the wife of Saeed Abedini, the Christian pastor who has been imprisoned since the summer of 2012 by the Islamic Republic of Iran for his religious beliefs and apostasy from Shia Islam.

Mrs. Abedini’s speech comes as the Obama Administration has been contorting itself to achieve any nuclear deal with the government in Tehran, thus forsaking any leverage to achieve a good will gesture of freeing this pastor who is an American citizen.

Mrs. Abedini’s testimony of why she is proud to be an American stands against many of the moves of the Obama Administration to minimize our First Amendment Freedom of Religion (e.g. Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate, imposing Same-Sex marriage, considering traditional believers as prospective terror groups etc.)

Bobby Jindal on Political Correctness

Bobby Jindal on Political Correctness

Barry Goldwater on the Root Evil

Barry Goldwater on the Root Evil

Scott Walker on Leadership

Scott Walker on Leadership


After a strong showing at CPAC 2015, Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) faced some tough questions on Fox News Sunday and showed why he’s unintimidated.



Ted Cruz on Hope

Ted Cruz on Hope

Calvin Coolidge on the Policy of Economy

Calvin Coolidge on the Policy of Economy

St. Ephrem the Syrian on Prayer

St. Ephrem the Syrian on Prayer


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