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Jerry Garcia on Prudence

Not widely known as a philosopher as he was famous as the lead man for the Grateful Dead.  One of his great compositions is “Friend of the Devil”. No Speculation on Jerry’s personal prudence.

Carl Sandburg on Character

The Finger of Truth–Brewer v. Obama

President Obama recently had an intense encounter with Gov. Jan Brewer over characterizations of their prior meetings in her new book Scorpions for Breakfast. During their exchange, Governor Brewer was seen gesturing with her index finger while responding to the Chief Executive’s harangue…

But some old school progressive agiprop artists want to push those liberal boundries of politicking. Jessie Jackson offered a desultory diatribe during a PUSH forum broadcast on the Word Network…

It is loathsome that Jackson is hustling a racial angle with his framing of the Brewer v. Obama match-up. But it is just plain dishonest for Jackson to insinuate that Brewer gave the President the “Lone Eagle Salute”.

But you be the judge–watch the raw video footage:

Be that as it may, Obama may have a hand in creating civic incivility with his past ingenuous gestures

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Fulton Sheen on Theology

It is that sort of divine affirmation that makes Life Worth Living

Bill Cosby on Success

Someone Doesn’t Like Scorpions for Breakfast

On the heels of his 2012 State of the Union show, President Barack Obama flew to the battleground state of Arizona to further promote his agenda.  Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ) led the official state delegation tat the tarmac in Phoenix to greet America’s Chief Executive.

After exchanging perfunctory greetings, Gov. Brewer handed President  Obama a handwritten invitation for the Chief Executive to join her in a tour the border with Mexico to get a first hand view.  President Obama tossed the letter aside to consider later so that he could get to the real issue–his ire over characterizations about him in Gov. Brewer’s new book Breakfast with Scorpions.  It seems that Obama  objected to the meetings with Brewer being framed as confrontational.

Who do you believe me or your lying eyes?

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Frank Sinatra on Theology

Note the the performances on Uncle Miltie avoided the “cocaine” lyric.
It is synchronicity that the Chairman’s advice deals with Alcohol and enemies as it seems that Sinatra and Ethel Merman detested each other.

Lily Tomlin on Character

{All of Me (1984)}

Joseph Maturo- Stuck on Estupido?

In response to a FBI investigation which charged four East Haven police officers for alleged mistreatment of Latinos, Mayor Joseph Maturo (R-East Haven) got snarky during an interview with WPIX TV.

Rather than admit that his petulant bon ami fell flat, Maturo doubled down on his jocularity and rambled about eating other ethnic food. This is the sort of machismo and sophomoric humor which may hold sway on the Jersey Shore or with the Jerky Boys, but to those who graduated middle school, it makes him sound like he’s a couple of tacos short of a fiesta.

Maturo is either stuck on estupido or does not want to retain his seat.  After all, Maturo lost the East Haven mayorship in 2007 by 25 votes.  In 2011, Maturo barely re-won his seat by a margin of 34 votes.

Gestating a Respect for Personhood

This week marked the 39th Anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade which open the floodgates across America for abortion on demand. Associate Justice Harry Blackman mooted some state anti-abortion laws in his 1973 majority opinion under the guise of an unwritten “right to privacy” that was contained in penumbras and emanations of the bill of rights as applied to states via the Fourteenth Amendment. This vague and confusing “logic” was the legal modus operandi for the judicial branch to legislate from the bench by imposing progressive moral sensibilities as “choices”.

Pro-Life protestors have demonstrated in our Nation’s Capitol every year around that January 22nd anniversary to protest this perceived injustice to the unborn. Tens of thousands (organizers estimated up to 400,000) to take a stand for anti-abortion policies. But you would never know it if you relied upon the elite Lamestream Media. For the fifth year a row, the print edition of the New York Times ignored this story…

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