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The Osteens’ Night of Hope on a Sunday Afternoon in Washington, DC

The Night of Hope was a New Wave revival meeting that was held is a largely filled National’s Park in Washington DC. Due to inclement weather, the event was rained out on Saturday night and held on a beautiful Sunday afternoon…

Joel Osteen, the scion of charismatic Lakewood Church founder John Osteen, has pastored the Houston non-denominational mega-church since 1999 and helped them acquire the former Compaq-center as their new worship space. So the large setting was not problematic but the rain was.

Osteen lifts spirits by combining elements of an evangelical tent revival with a squeeky clean rendition of a rock concert. Even the Osteen’s entrance to the stage was televised and generated excitement among the gathered crowd.

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Skewering Santorum with a Polemic Political Parody

As Rick Santorum bowed out of the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, liberal feminists could not resist giving his conservative candidacy a final kick.

The internet humor site Funny or Die hosted a video featuring Ashley Judd which skewered Santorum with an edgy parody “When to Abort a Candidacy”.

The parody was well produced and the black humor certainly was sharp. Fox New’s Bill O’Reilly thought that the skit comparing terminating a candidacy to an abortion would hurt Ashley Judd. The actress might be Missing (sic) some of the audience by pushing her politics in a polemic manner.

Some think that Ashley Judd would be insulated from offending an audience as she has been a well known liberal activist.  But one must wonder if Oprah Winfrey’s downfall from the heights of her popularity was magnified by Oprah’s entry into partisan politics by overtly supporting Barack Obama in 2008.  This loss of viewership has signficantly impacted her Oprah Winfrey Network’s success.

What do you think?


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