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DHS Newspeak and National Security–Help Big Sis’ Out?

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There are times that it just seems apropos to use Newspeak from George Orwell’s seminal novel 1984 to cover the security issues in America, particularly regarding the Department of Homeland Security (Mini-home). In the early days of the Obama Administration, Pentagon officials were warned not to refer to the Long War or the Global War on Terror but instead to bluster bureacratese “Overseas Contingency Operations”. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano tried to avoid refering to 9/11 or terrorism but preferred such euphemisms as “Man made disasters.” The Obama Administration considered what Major Nidal Hasan in the 2009 Fort Hood shootings, where 13 people were killed and 29 injured was not homegrown terrorism or domestic jihad (despite the shooter screaming “Allahu Akbar”) but was a workplace violence incident.

Alas, this “nuanced” approach is not limited to Newspeak…

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Discerning Civic Values–Chicago Style

After Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy dared to publically express support for the traditional definition of marriage of being one man and one woman, there has been a cacophonic chorus of progressive politicians condemning the chicken restaurant chain. …

In fact, Chicago Mayor (and former Obama Administration Chief-of-Staff) Rahm Emanuel (D-Chicago) went so far as to say: “Chick-fil-A values are not Chicago values. They disrespect our fellow neighbors and residents. This would be a bad investment, since it would be empty.”…

Francis Cardinal George, a native Chicagoan who just happens to be Archbishop of Chicago had some thoughts on this Chicago values test purported by Mr. Emanuel.

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St. Ignatius Loyola on Theology

Richard Nixon on the Olympics

“Wimpy” Political Journalism

The latest meme from the Obama Re-Election Campaign Lamestream Media stenographers is that presumptive Republican Presidential nominee former Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) is a wimp.

Curious that such hard hitting “journalism” would not dare to ask Romney’s eventual opponent if he is “thin skinned”.

Wonder if the Jurassic Journalists do much more than dust off old Democrat playbooks at their partisan partner’s bidding.

Antonin Scalia on Communications

Jesse Owens on Adversity

Reflections on Restoring Love


Tonight at a sold out Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas, Restoring Love Rally will take place. In the service component, 35,000 volunteers blanketed the Metroplex happily doing community service. Now they will celebrate freedom, personal responsibility and offering a helping hand to their neighbors.

Yet progressives who trumpet tolerance and diversity will dismiss the gathering sight unseen and denigrate it as an ego trip of a rodeo clown, a.k.a. Glenn Beck.

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G.K. Chesteron on Love

Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Munich Olympic Massacre

Forty years ago, the International Olympics movement was stained in blood by terrorism by by one day in September during the second week of the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany. In the second week of the XX Summer Olympiad, a group of Palestinian terrorists known as Black September killed two Israeli athletes and took nine Olympians hostage. None of the Israeli hostages returned home alive.

During the five hour Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Summer Olympics, they could not find one minute to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Munich Massacre.

But the victims have not been forgotten. Nor the brutality of the terrorism.

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