Political Uneven Bars

Shouldn’t it be the High Jump rather than uneven bars?


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DCBarroco: The surreal musings of a "party animal" living Between the Beltways, whose favorite contact sport may be politics, but who also has interests that are not poll driven, who thinks beyond the next spin cycle and who will caucus with diverse special interest groups.

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  1. The higher moral standards is what is driving the majority of Americans to choose the Republican candidate. I don’t agree with everything the GOP stands for, but I like the fact they have morals, the like the DNC.

    • To me, it is unbridled optimism to think that the majority of US voters opt for Republicans due to high moral standards as opposed to primarily pocketbook or war and peace issues. But the GOP certainly is held to moral standards, unlike their Democrat opponents.

      • I agree with you, accept I consider the proper management of our economy a moral issue also, along with war and piece issues.

        I hear form people all the time that to keep growing the national debt and expecting another generation to deal with paying for it is immoral. We need to make the decision to go through some tough times in order to correct our mistakes so that the next generation can start building back up the wealth of America. That takes moral leadership.

      • People rarely connect the national debt with morality. But extreme national debt condemns our progeny and perhaps ourselves to slavery and diminishes our freedom.

      • I agree, and that needs to change.

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