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The Consequences of Californication

Perhaps the migrants from the former land of milk and honey will have more success than Wagons East (1994).

Confucius on Politics

Walter Payton on Success

Obama and Another Bump in the Road


h/t: Paul Shanklin & Excellence in Broadcasting

Glenn Mc Coy

POTUS Talent Show

Aw, someone needs empathy for having so many balls in the air to juggle.  It was so much easy when campaigning just meant Hopey Changey hype.

But wasn’t that same individual also shown as Shiva  the “God of All Things” who can act with alacrity and elan?

It will compliment the media meme planted by ex President Bill Jefferson Clinton that nobody could do a better job than Obama in these circumstances.

h/t Kevin Kallaughter, The Economist

Charlie O. Finley on Reputation

Vile Viral Video to Re-Elect Obama

[L] Samuel L. Jackson, actor and Obama activist

Samuel L. Jackson, the narrator for the video version of the ironic bed time book “Go the F–k to Sleep” is the star of a new internet spot on the election. The Jewish Council for Research and Education, a pro-Obama liberal Super PAC run by George Soros’ 25-year old scion Alexander, engaged the 63-year old actor to reprise his role as a angry man reading a Dr. Seuss like story “Wake the F–k Up”.


Journalist for Censorship?

After winning a court battle which tried to censor the sentiment, Pamela Geller’s “Support Israel- Resist Jihad” ads were recently circulated in the New York City Transit system.

In a apparent publicity stunt, CNN and MSNBC  Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy chose to vandalize the perceived anti-Muslim ads as she was being filmed.  What the commentator criminal did not count on was Pamela Hall, a concerned citizen getting in the way.


Botching a PR stunt and being a journalist for censorship did not seem like a smooth career move for this MSNBC/CNN commentator


Federico Fellini on Temperament

Teach Your Children Well