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Leno Lampoons Libyan “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

For years, American comedians have shied away from satirizing the 44th President of the United States, either finding him unfunny or buying into his too cool for schooling propaganda. Now that there is blood in the water after the Benghhazi bungling, President Barack Obama is the target of ridicule from the likes late night funny men like NBC Tonight Show host Jay Leno.


Edgar Allen Poe on Horror

Edgar Allen Poe

Not Optimal Bumps in the Road

No wonder why they could not volunteer their campaign bus like the Romney/Ryan campaign did for the Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy.

President Obama at FEMA for Hurricane Sandy operations

Well, maybe now that Commander-in-Chief President Obama directing emergency response, he can dispatch FEMA to clear the road.

h/t: Glenn McCoy

Linus Van Pelt on Life

Linus Van Pelt Charles Schultz

Cinematically Covering Hurricane Sandy

Alas the tumult that many East Coasters are experiencing from the Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy is even more painful than hearing John Travola’s lachrymose ballad from Grease (1978)

Idiosyncratic 2012 Electoral Map

While this 2012 Electoral Map may not get you to the Electoral College directly, it probably is more accurate than Apple I-phone 5 Maps.

Hurricane Obama?

As many Americans grapple with the effects of the frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy, it reminds us of the sh*tstorm we have been enduring for the last four years.
Along with changing the climate starting November 6th, I would rather listen to “A Mighty Wind”

Honorable Perseverance

Military Honor Guard on duty at the Tomb of the Unknown during Hurricane Sandy

As most people batten down the hatches Between-the-Beltways for the Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy hitting the Eastern Seaboard, a military honor guard remains vigilant at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery.  This is a tradition which the military has consistently kept since 1937, which both honors the dead in battle and embodies the American warrior compunction to strive to never leave their dead behind.

If only everyone up and down the military hierarchy shared this ethic of honorable perseverance for their brothers-in-arms.


Robert Pirsig on Temperament

 Robert Pirsig

Liberal GOTV–Madonna Celebutard Striptease and Like a Virgin Obama Appeals

Madonna shows off her pro-Obama temporary tattoo in Washington, DC [photo: Splash News]

When contemplating Madonna’s almost thirty year pop music career, esteemed music critic Robert M. Grant, has observed that Madonna’s success: “certainly not [from] outstanding natural talent. As a vocalist, musician, dancer, songwriter, or actress, Madonna’s talents seem modest.” But the Material Girl is adept at exploiting the talents of others to further her career.  This is quite evident in Madonna’s current MDNA tour where she has generated publicity by pushing outrageous antics supposedly inspired by others.


Throughout her current tour, Madonna has been doing a political rant intended to support President Obama’s re-election. New Orleans was not as fertile ground for Madonna’s pro-Obama shock shtick.  When Madonna launched into her de rigeur political rant for this tour, it was anticipated and had more than a mixed reception.

Madonna polled the crowd “’Who’s registered to vote?’… I don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.  That was greeted with a chorus of boos from the crowd at the New Orleans Arena.  Taking that cue, Madonna retorted: “Seriously, I don’t care who you vote for … Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote..”  Some supporter of Obama she is, but then again Madonna usually casts off some supporters as she works the stage.  The Daily Mail (UK) reported that some walked out after Madonna’s political rant.  Considering the price of tickets for the show, it is dubious that they were rushing to the ballot box.