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Joel Osteen on Communications

Joel Osteen

Prepubescent Zombie Agiprop Allegedly for Obama

The Goodly, Silverstein and Partners ad agency from San Francisco has launched and campaign “The Future Children Project” to re-elect President Barack Obama. The public relations positioning claims: Re-electing President Obama is a momentous decision that will require every single voter. What would the children of the future say if we let them down this November?
 Considering the aforementioned objective, one wonders why Goodly, Silverstein & Partners would release a starkly filmed, épater la bourgeoisie ad out of the mouths of babes at this time.

The lyrics of this somber song sung by kids are both trite and trying:

Imagine an America

Where strip mines are fun and free

Where gays can be fixed

And sick people just die

And oil fills the sea.

 We don’t have to pay for freeways! Our schools are good enoughGive us endless warsOn foreign shoresAnd lots of Chinese stuff.

 We’re the children of the futureAmerican through and throughBut something happened to our countryAnd we’re kinda blaming you

We haven’t killed all the polar bears

But it’s not for lack of trying

Big Bird is sacked

The Earth is cracked

And the atmosphere is frying

Congress went home early

They did their best we know

You can’t cut spending

With elections pending

Unless it’s welfare dough.

We’re the children of the future

American through and through

But something happened to our country

And we’re kinda blaming you.

Find a park that is still open

And take a breath of poison air

They foreclosed your place

To build a weapon in space

But you can write off your au pair.

It’s a little awkward to tell you

But you left us holding the bag

When we look around

The place is all dumbed down

And the long term’s kind of a drag.

We’re the children of the future

American through and through

But something happened to our country

And yeah, we’re blaming you.

You did your best

You failed the test.

Mom and Dad

We’re blaming you!

However the delivery is zombie-like. When the lyrics mention “au pairs” and “foreclosures”, it gives an impression that the innocent singers were given agiprop to mouth. It reminds observers of the shameless way that socialist dictatorships shamelessly exploit children to sell their workers paradise. Moreover, it calls to mind many instances during the Obama reign when youths are mobilized by teachers to spout Obamaisms. 


The Payoff of Obama’s Green Jobs Bets?

One of then candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL)’s  promises when he ran for President in 2008 was that he would create five million green jobs.

So as part of the Feburary 2009 stimulus (a.k.a. Porkulous) of $847 Billion, almost 6%, or $50 Billion,  was earmarked for shovel ready green energy, to be monitored by Vice President Joe Biden.  That was a pretty significant “investment” in energy from solar, wind, geothermal and maybe unicorn flatulence.

Despite anemic job growth during the Obama so called Recovery, America has come nowhere near creating five million green jobs.  But to justify what they have Representative Darrell Issa’s (R-CA 49th) Government Reform and Oversight Committee hearing in June 2012 explored how the Obama Department of Labor defines “green jobs”.

My favorites were floor sweeper at a Green manufacturer, antiques dealer and an Oil Lobbyist who advocates green issues.

Many critics of Porkulous suspected that it was an unwise expenditure from the Federal Government that acted like a slush fund for the Obama Administration’s favorite groups and contributors.  The cronyism and corruption in green transportation can be seen in Amtrak, supposed High Speed Rail projects and most pointedly in green energy projects (FutureGen coal gassification and Solyndra).

During the First Presidential Debate in Denver, Republican Presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney asserted that President Obama did not pick just with winners and losers with $90 Billion in tax breaks but that the incumbent picks losers.

Let’s see how President Obama’s bets on green energy companies have been paying off.

To use the Obama 2012 forward (sic) sounding campaign parlance,  are you ready to go all in with your great grandchildren’s inheritance or are you going to hedge your bets on November 6th?

Mark Twain on Prudence

Mark Twain fool

Vote For More Crap?

Yesterday, the internet blazed with outrage over Obama’s puerile politics were epitomized by Lena Dunham’s “First Time” internet video to do it for Obama.  The message was outrageous enough but I was not hip enough to know that Ms. Dunham was the star of HBO’s Girls, which even fans complain about Dunham having too much sex.

It did not take long for the “First Time” video to be mercilessly parodied. Steven Crowder captures Dunham’s je ne se quoi with his video “Vote # More Free Crap”.

Voting Patterns Among Sports Fans

Since politics is my favorite contact sport and this is the time for the championship match, I was interested in the chart that tried to quantify political persuasions based on sports affinity.

It was no surprise to have WNBA fans and European Soccer fans skew to the left.  After First Lady Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR event promoting assistance to military families, it is not shocking that automotive racing fans are driven to the right.

But the way other sports fans political affinities fell were somewhat unexpected. I would not have naturally associated Ultimate Fighting or Extreme Sports as have such Democrat fans.  It took me off guard that LPGA followers and Olympic aficionados would be reliable Republicans.

Considering the popularity of football, it seems natural for politicians to make appeals to gridiron fans. Both President Obama and Governor Mitt Romney want to make appearances on the NFL Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints the night before the general election.

Mr. Obama has made several appearances on MNF, but his hallmark was in late 2006 as the then newly elected first term Senator from Illinois was toying with running for the Oval Office.

Here’s hoping that the sentiments of the Bleacher Bums from Wrigley Field, Chicago, Illinois is to mix a sports metaphor (yet apt for Mr. Obama) par for the course.

h/t: Eric Callie

Voice of Defiance for Romney

[L] Meatloaf and [R] Gov. Mitt Romney in Defiance Ohio [photo: AP]

Republican Presidential Nominee Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) held a rally which drew a crowd of 12,000 supporters in Defiance, Ohio which has only 16,000 residents.  One of the highlights of the event was when Meatloaf voiced his support for Governor Romney.  This endorsement was capped by a helping of “America the Beautiful”  served family style.

Meatloaf’s enthusiastic but unconducted warbling seemed reminiscent of Governor Romney’s earnest but off tune singing of “America the Beautiful” as portrayed in an Obama 2012 summer  attack ad.

Of course, neither right minded crooner is any match for Celebrity-in-Chief Barack Obama did at Showtime at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Maybe a singing career is something that the Maui Wowie can fall back on come January 21st, 2013

Jay Leno on Politics

Obama’s Puerile Politics Epitomized

Of late, the Obama 2012 campaign has been seizing on puerile political memes.  The killing Big Bird soundbite from the first debate.  When threats of a Million Muppet March proved to have no political legs, the Obama Ad Hominem Express shifted to the “Binders of Women” meme from the townhall debate.  Little good that did, as Republican Presidential nominee Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA) erased the previous 16% gap with women.

How could the wunderkind braintrust from the Chicago office top this? They did not want to wait for the “horse and bayonets” trope from the third debate to play out.  So they released: “The First Time” with performance artist Lena Dunham waxing poetically about her first time…voting for Barack Obama.

The sad part of this “First Time” campaign is that it isn’t even original.  Barack’s boys copied ads for Russian President Vladimir Putin.  So once again, Obama copies European lefies.

Aside from the unabashedly adolescently vulgar appeal for the youth vote, it is astounding how Obama’s campaign seeks the female vote by consistently degrading women.  The Binders of Women memo probably produced Beavis and Butthead chortles, as if it was President Bill Jefferson Clinton’s little black book.  In reality, the “Binders of Women” referred to outreach that Romney had to qualified female candidates to be part of his gubernatorial administration in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Then there was the Tumblr posting “Vote like your Lady Parts depend on it (because they do)”.  It was quickly withdrawn after public hue and cry.  Consider the objectification involved in the “Lady Parts” appeal.   To use the parlance to make a point, I believe that wise women vote with their lady smarts rather than just their lady parts.

Now in its final days, the Obama Campaign comes up with an innuendo ad prompting women to make their first time a good one.

No wonder why the Obamas have been urging everyone to vote early, including your knucklehead friends, per First Lady Michelle Obama.

The puerile politics displayed in their outreach, as well as the Dear Leader labeling his opponent a bullsh**ter in Rolling Stone are signs of serious presidential campaign imploding.


Analysis of Boca Raton Third Presidential Debate

This year’s cycle of Presidential debates have all been influential and informative, but in different ways that one would expect. This is especially true about the slow poison that was passively administered in Boca Raton, Florida…

Everyone expected that the Foreign Policy debate in Boca Raton, Florida would concentrate on the Benghazi blunder and candidates trading barbs. In fact, Boca Raton debate Moderator Bob Schieffer started the candidate forum with a couple of wide open questions about Benghazi seemingly begging for blood to be drawn.

But Mitt Romney did not take the bait. In fact, he pretty much deferred that issue. Later in the forum, Romney expressed support for some of Obama’s foreign policy as he differentiated is own vision to defend democracy and pursue peace through strength.

Many conservatives stomachs churned, suspecting that their standard bearer was blowing it. But after a few rounds of questioning, it dawned on many right-leaning political observers that Romney’s deferential debate performance was what Bill Sammon would call Strategery…

I watched the debate with a bunch of right minded partisans gathered for the Battleground State Talkers Tour event. Assuredly, the audience would have preferred seeing a pugilistic performance from Romney. But in my estimation, Romney’s Boca Raton debate performance was a slow poison for his opposition.

It was not satisfying for someone who’s favorite contact sport is politics, but I think that is was a successful tactic to take. In less than two weeks, it should become clear if the “strategery” was successful in electing the 45th President of the United States.