Some Are Still Gestating a Respect for Personhood

Sign from a March for Life demonstrator

This week marked the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade which open the floodgates across America for abortion on demand. Associate Justice Harry Blackman mooted some state anti-abortion laws in his 1973 majority opinion under the guise of an unwritten “right to privacy” that was contained in penumbras and emanations of the bill of rights as applied to states via the Fourteenth Amendment. This vague and confusing “logic” was the legal modus operandi for the judicial branch to legislate from the bench by imposing progressive moral sensibilities as “choices”.

Nellie Gray

Pro-Life protesters have demonstrated in our Nation’s Capitol every year around that January 22nd anniversary to protest this perceived injustice to the unborn.  This is the first year that the March for Life has been held without Nellie Gray, who died last August at the age of 88.  Gray was an accomplished attorney for the Federal Government who was so appalled by the Roe v. Wade decision that she walked away from her career (and took a small pension) to dedicate her life to standing for life by organizing the Marches for Life.
Although scheduling conflicts precluded my participation in this year’s March for Life, organizers estimated at least 500,000 people participated despite the bitter cold and the afternoon onset of snow which makes District of Calamity denizens deranged.

View of crowd from the 40th March for Life, Washington, DC January 25, 2013

Yet you would never know it by the elite liberal media reports (a.k.a. the Lamestream Media).  The sea of humanity marching for the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death, is minimized while the dozen of counter-protesters insisting that abortion is not murder are given equal time. And the media is quick to cite an outlier poll which “proves” their point that people do not think that abortion is murder.

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  1. Thank you for sharing!

    • We can not remain silent. Pro abortion forces are trying to pivot from choice to coercion with the HHS Qualified Health Plan (Contraception, Sterilization and Abortifacient) Mandate.

      But the Pro-Life movement is more than just protecting unborn children. It believes in the sanctity of human life from conception to natural death. With the cost cutting inherent in Obamacare (death panels via the Whole Life System), people need to determine how we value people.

      As Mother Teresa intimated why should be be surprised at the callousness of society which allows mothers to kill their children. What if they are not perfect? Why should this societal vetting stop at childbirth?

      • I know. It’s really sad and disturbing. I have some friends that went to DC, so I was looking for it on the news yesterday but only found one snide interview and misrepresentation and an article about gun control, and why Catholics at the march are in essence mixed up in their priorities. They totally put a thick layer of another issue that superseded the march even though the thrust of the march was about an anniversary of an unjust law. It’s sad when we can’t even get honest, focused, and real journalism. I am happy that so many support the pro-life movement despite the obstacles we face. God bless…

      • Clearly the March for Life is a reaction to an unjust law while showing support for life from conception to natural death. The dishonest journalism and lack of coverage from the elite liberal media is another annoying issue.

        But the liked article delved into the intellectual dishonesty by Pro Abortion people on personhood. They love to trumpet science, but when pressed when there is a scientifically probative test for personhood, they ought to fold as it is a values judgment by society. It is a mystery why they think that rights of personhood are accorded at birth. Why should the vetting process stop there?

  2. With all due respect, I do not think that is a picture from the March for Life — i have been the march probably 25 times, and the marchers never are lined up all the way to the Washington Monument. Sorry….

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