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Malcolm Forbes on Life

Malcolm Forbes

President of Vice’s Advance Team

If this is how the Obama Administration abides by flag which many brave soldiers have died to protect, imagine how this White House will protect our constitutional rights regarding the Second Amendment. 

To echo the emphatic outburst from our national treasure, it IS a big “f”-ing deal. 

William F. Buckley on Communication

William F Buckley

Street Legal in NYC

New York voters can thank their duly elected officials, Mayor Michael  “No Big Gulp for You” Bloomberg (D-R-I-? NYC) and Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) for such prescient policies which are portrayed by the Lamestream Media as “common sense solutions”. 
Unfortunately, the Empire State’s insanity is looking to spread throughout the nation.  And both Cuomo and Bloomberg harbor aspirations for higher office. 

Jimi Hendrix on Love

Jimi Hendrix Power of Love

Partially Shaping Up Conclave 2013

When Pope Benedict XVI announced his abdication from the Chair of St. Peter as of February 28, 2013 at 8 p.m. Rome time, attention started to turn to the College of Cardinals Conclave which would choose the next Vicar of Christ.  While Canon 332 paragraph 2 allows for Roman Pontiff to resign of his free will, this provision of Canon Law had not been exercised in six centuries.  This brought some question in the procedures of succession.

Sede vacante coat of arms

Ordinarily, the papacy becomes sede vacante on the death of the Pope.  It is de rigueur after Pope’s death for the Church to observe a period of mourning and to allow Cardinals from around the world to gather for their duty to act as electors of the next Roman Pontiff.

According to the 1996 Constitution Universi Dominidi gregis under Pope John Paul II, norms for the papal election were set to allow at least 15 days but no more than 20 day of sede vacante.   But there is a strong case to be made for amending that norm in the case of a planned resignation.


Pope Benedict XVI gave 17 days notice of his intentions, which allowed Cardinals from around the world plenty of time to make their way to Rome.  In fact, a consistory (gathering of Cardinals) will be held on February 28th as a farewell to Benedict XVI which most of the Cardinals are expected to attend.

Recognizing these circumstances, Pope Benedict XVI has issued motu prorpio Normas nunnullas.  This motu proprio empowers the College of Cardinals to hold an earlier Conclave if all of the electors are present and if a majority of the electors agree.  This document does not mandate an early start date but merely empowers the Cardinals if they so choose to do so.

There are two notable scratches from the Conclave’s roster.  Indonesian Archbishop Julius Cardinal Darmaatmadja, the 78 year old Archbishop emeritus of Jakarta, has announced that he does not plan to participate in the Conclave due to ill health.  Cardinal Darmaatmadja will be permitted to join the Conclave if his ill health resolves.  Scottish Archbishop Keith Cardinal O’Brien, the Archbishop of Edinburgh has just resigned his office amidst accusations of  a sex scandal involving “inappropriate acts” with fellow priests.   O’Brien’s abdication makes him ineligible as a Cardinal-elector for Conclave 2013 and leaves the United Kingdom unrepresentated amongst the voting Conclave.   As it stands, there will only be 115 Cardinal casting ballots.


George Washington Carver on Life

George Washington Carver

Crystalizing Economic Woes

Lenten Prayer of Transformation

God, our living Creator,
you who draw green shoots from the frozen earth,
you who warm the springtime sleeping in the winter,
look on us, your children, who are sometime frozen in deep ruts,
sometimes far from the dreams you have for us.

You showed Peter, James, and John the dazzling face of Christ.
Inspire us as you did them.

Transform us into the brilliant image of your Son Jesus,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. 


Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Faith

Dietrich Bonhoeffer