Too Sooner to Steal ND’s Lucky Charms (sic)?

Today, the University of Oklahoma Sooners (3-0) go up against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (3-1).  Effectively, the Sooners will try to steal ND’s Lucky Charms.

Being based in the District of Calamity (sic), my school of choice is the Electoral College, which cheers more for politics as a contact sport than football so it is easy to watch the Sooner/Fighting Irish match-up dispassionately.

Statistically, Notre Dame has won 9 of 10 football games against the Sooners.  But it should also be noted that the game is going to be played in South Bend, Indiana. The home field advantage may have some artistic and superficial spiritual advantages.

The Hesburgh Library, which is adjacent to the Notre Dame football stadium, has two iconic art pieces which seem to reflect football prowess. 

The large “Word of Life mural” (1964) by Millard Sheets is colloquially called “Touchdown Jesus”.   Next to the library, there is a bronze by Joseph Turkalj (1962) which is often referred to as “First Down Moses” for the way the Jewish Prophet has his hand positioned. 


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DCBarroco: The surreal musings of a "party animal" living Between the Beltways, whose favorite contact sport may be politics, but who also has interests that are not poll driven, who thinks beyond the next spin cycle and who will caucus with diverse special interest groups.

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