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POTUS as Pajama Boy?

Aside from the glitchy $600+ million website, is it any wonder why Obamacare is having such a rough roll-out with such misguided marketing? 

Perhaps it’s close enough for government work, alas it’s Americans’ health care and 1/5th of the economy which rides in the balance of such too clever by half planning.

h/t: Michael Ramirez

Winnie the Pooh on Life

Winnie the Pooh

Mike Ditka on Talent

Perhaps ESPN execs had these thoughts in the back of their heads after the Week 17 NFL Countdown Show.


But we shouldn’t be too hard on “Iron Mike” after his televised nap.  After all,  Ditka did suffer a minor stroke in November 2012.  And neither the New York Jets nor the Miami Dolphins were playoff-bound. 

Neil Armstrong on Time

Neil Armstrong caricature

Lucille Ball on Politics

Lucille Ball

St. Philip Neri on Temperament

St. Philip Neri

Christmas-tide Star Trek

As we celebrate the twelve days of Christmas, we can enjoy Star Trek inspirations of the season, from the Wreath of Khan (sic) to the Twelve Days of Star Trek. 

It’s too bad that Paramount never did a holiday special like Star Wars.  

Maybe we should thank our lucky stars that Gerry Roddenberry chose not to engage in such Christmas synergy. 

Ward Cleaver on Life

Ward Cleaver Leave It to Beaver

Deck the Halls with Obama’s Folly

That is a heavier version of Deck the Halls than President Barack Obama prefers.


h/t: A.F. Branco 

A Security State Christmas Carol

As if government agencies would be allowed to even mention Christmas, which as been a federally recognized holiday since 1870.


h/t: Rick McKee