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NYC Mayor De Blasio Blasé on Being Booed for Met’s Opening Day Pitch

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-NYC) got to perform a time honored tradition for the first time- get booed while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for baseball’s opening day in the nation’s largest city.  Feisty fans are not limited to just doing the Bronx Cheer at Yankee Stadium as the boo birds were flocked among the Flushing Faithful at Citi Field.
De Blasio was quick to deflect any catcalls by claiming ahead of time  that it was too cold to clamor.  Granted it was in the 40s at game time. But the new mayor did hear some boisterous boos.
Still de Blasio took it in stride and supposedly threw a strike for his ceremonial pitch.
One wonders how de Blasio, who is admitted die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, will be greeted on the mainland in the South Bronx with the New York Yankees fans.

Fleshing Out Biden’s Bluster on Already Americans

To give his outrageous immigration assertion a veneer of bipartisanship, Vice President Joe Biden quoted Theodore Roosevelt on Americanism to imply that it is all about principles, ideals and character.


So let me get this right.  These supposed “Undocumented Americans” (read illegal immigrants) either entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas, essentially cutting in line in front of foolish foreigners who followed official American immigration rules.  
In order to stay in the country they stay in the shadows.  In real terms, that means that either they support themselves by working “under the table” and not paying the taxes that Mr. Biden has said is a patriotic duty.  Another way to work is by  stealing someone’s social security number in order to present papers to work “legally”.  If a citizen did that, that would be a felony for the Social Security slight of hand and also liable for identity theft civil lawsuits.   
Another way to “support yourself” is to rely upon welfare.  The Obama Administration outreached to the Mexican government to distribute information on Food Stamp eligibility, but they laughably claimed that this was not meant for illegal aliens. Right. The forced kindness of strangers distributed by Uncle Sugar (a.k.a. Sam) coming from hard earned tax dollars.
Then there are the ideals.  Those applying for American citizenship have to take a test which inculcates American values and swear a pledge of allegiance.  But based upon Biden’s bluster, none of these are necessary, especially based on Obama Administration Executive Orders will extra-legally applying and expanding the expanded the DREAM Act combined with  catch and release orders to law enforcement to not really enforce current immigration laws. 
Theodore Roosevelt was keen on not having hyphenated Americans. Considering the numbers of “Undocumented Americans” coming from south of the border, this is accomplished as they do not even consider themselves Americans.  If there is not a blanket amnesty, many plan to make their money working for a while in the US and returning home.
So much for principles, ideals and character of these “already Americans” living in the shadows.
Conservatives and Tea Party types celebrate new Americans who honor the legal immigration system.   But Americanism as espoused by TR is not achieved by effectively indiscriminate amnesty or by refusing to enforce existing immigration laws. 
h.t: Rick McKee 

National Geographic Illiteracy Illustrated

Americans are infamous for being blissfully ignorant about areas beyond their shores.  Unfortunately, this geographic illiteracy is applicable for places between our borders.

A new study commissioned by the Movoto real estate company asked 400 Americans to locate seven states on a map within five seconds.  The average score was 3.4 states. Those surveyed were likely to locate some of the more iconic states, as well as those states not part of the contiguous 48 states.

Movoto opined that plenty of the quiz takers were guessing their way through New England. In addition, a sizable number of those surveyed mistook Pennsylvania for New York. Survey takers also made many mistakes in the Mountain West which borders are divided by straight lines.

Watch the video with the real time responses from the survey.

As someone who loves geographic, and who always sought blue slices when playing Trivial Pursuit, the Genus edition, this Geographic Illiteracy Illustrated is disheartening.  Consider the geographic knowledge which Fourth Graders were expected to know in 1862.

Alas, what is more shocking is the same survey group tended estimate that the US population was between 1 to 2 Billion.   That inflates the population almost as much as reports of Obamacare sign-ups.

But  such young skulls full of mush who are clued into pop culture would score well if they were on SNL’s Black Jeopardy, where does not depend upon having a clue of real knowledge but having the right attitude.

As concerned citizens attempt to stop the steam rolling of Common Core curriculum confusion, these engaged individuals ought to also stress geographic as part of the diversity education rather than just feeling good about being a progressive American Idiot who is left with little choice but to be a drone for the neo-statist agenda.

h/t:  Movoto blog

Bart Giamatti on Baseball


Thomas Sowell on Competition

Thomas Sowell Competition

Thea Bowman on Life

Thea Bowman


In 1987, Sister Thea Bowman helped develop  Lead Me, Guide Me: The African American Catholic Hymnal, which was the first hymnal developed for Black Catholic worship.  Bowman believed that “Black sacred music is soulful music” which is holistic, participatory, concrete, engrossing and life-giving.

John Thompson on Passion


A Bit About the Military Veteran Excluded from Macy’s Sales Job for Supposed Combat Mindset

Kayla Danielle Reyes-Abina , a 21 year old military veteran who had deployed in Afghanistan, recently had a remarkable rejection for a sales position at Macy’s in Fresno, California.

The former army specialist who served in the National Guard posted her frustration on Instagram after her February 20th interview. Ms. Reyes-Abina believes that the Fresno hiring manager had a dramatic attitude change after learning that she had been deployed in overseas combat zones.


Kayla Reyes rejected at Macy's

Although Ms. Reyes-Abina had prior retail experience working at Target, but the Macy’s hiring manager targeted her military experience. The interviewer is said to have implied that since Reyes-Abina has been to war, she had a “different mindset” which would be unwelcomed on the sales floor. The interviewer intimated: “Once a customer’s in your face, you wouldn’t know how to do it. You wouldn’t know how to react.

Ms. Reyes-Abina recalled the hiring manager saying: ‘Well I’ve been here 15 years, I know you wouldn’t be able to do good here” The 15 year Macy’s veteran suggested that Reyes-Abina would be a better fit in “loss prevention” (i.e. security guard). Reyes-Abina left the interview wondering if her military experience did her a disservice when applying for civilian jobs.


The 1% of our population who have served in America’s armed forces are highly motivated and disciplined.  Most joined knowing that they would likely deploy in two active combat zones.  Veterans are  45% more likely to be entrepreneurs but all are trained to be dependable and follow instructions.  In addition, those who have served in Afgahanistan and Iraq are accustomed with interacting with “customers” who are not always friendly and have different directed interests.

While there is an online petition on behalf of Ms. Reyes-Abina, it hinges on “discrimination”, which may not be illegal, unless it pertains to race, sex, creed (and sexual orientation in some jurisdictions).  But if the facts in this case are true, Macy’s should be ashamed for their bias and reconsider their practices.  


Michelle Obama on Tai Chi

Tai Chi (also known as “supreme ultimate fist”, “boundless fist” and “great extremes boxing”) is a wonderful martial art which is helpful for increasing balance and improving psychological health particularly for senior citizens. 

There would seem to be a synergy between Tai Chi and the First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” fitness campaign.  But Tai Chi is best not practiced in kitten heels, even in people-to-people exchange photo ops.

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Vin Scully’s Unshakable Disposition

Vin Scully, the legendary 86 year old Hall of Fame broadcaster of the Dodgers since 1950, is well renowned for his dulcet voice and steady demeanor.  These professional attributes were at the forefront during the bottom of the sixth inning of  Freeway Series Exhibition ballgame  between the l.A. Dodgers and the L.A.Angels of Anaheim when an earthquake shook Dodger Stadium.

This temblor was a shallow quake 1.2 miles beneath Brea, California. This was unlike the 2.2 earthquake coming from raucous cheering from Seattle Seahawks fans in December, 2006

Some say that Scully’s laid back attitude toward the shaking was typically LA.  Others may point to Scully’s 65 year experience in being a consummate professional.  Both of those points have elements of truth to it.  However, one should not discount Scully’s sunny disposition.  Scully’s call projects a calm cheerfulness which invites viewers into the action.  This understated announcing would not emphasize the geologic event.

That being said, Vin Scully sounds best when speaking in his own voice.  The Ozzie accent which Scully tongue-in-cheek started the 2014 MLB Season Opening Day in Sydney Australia rubbed some baseball fans the wrong way.