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Rocky Rhodes (sic) from Benghazi Bungle Coverup

Kudos to Jonathan Karl of ABC News for aggressively questioning White House Press Secretary Jay Carney about discrepancies in their Benghazi bungling cover up.
Of course, the connection between NSC Deputy Assistant Secretary Ben Rhodes, who composed the alternative explanation email and his brother David Rhodes, who President of CBS News, is around a year old.  However, Ben Rhodes’ incriminating email was just confirmed  after a FOIA request from Judicial Watch.


Mark Cuban’s Shifting Views on Political Correctness

When the Donald Sterling tapes first surface, Dallas Mavericks owner distanced himself from the L.A. Clippers owner’s racist rant but noted that in this country people are allowed to be morons.  However, Cuban also noted the dangers of a slippery slope on ad hoc applications of political correctness.

But after new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver lowered the boom on Donald Sterling and basically banned him from basketball, the Mavericks owner changed his tune.

A Liberal Education?

For those who might be concerned about the paraphrase of Dr. Harris-Perry, here is promo ad by the Tulane Professor of Political Science  for  MSNBC “Lean Forward” in its spliced stuccato splendor.

By the way, tuition at Tulane University in New Orleans for the 2013-2014 academic year is over $46,000.  Watching Harris-Perry inculcate liberal fascism on MSNBC is priceless. 

Bono Vox on Capitalism

Bono Capitalism

Edmund Burke on Liberty

Edmund Burke

Now Uecker Is Always Charitably in the Last Row

The last row of Section 422 in the upper deck at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin are under the pivot of the retractable roof.  These nosebleed seats which are obstructed by the support girder

which sell for $1 on game days have long been referred to as “Uecker Seats”, referencing a funny Miller Lite ad in which Uecker thinks that he “must be in the front row.”

Now there is a good reason aside from fanatical frugality for fans to choose to sit in the Uecker Seats.  Brian Maughan, a sculptor who has created four bronzes for the Brewers (including a “Mr. Baseball” statue of Bob Uecker) outside of the park created another bronze for the last row of Section 422 with Uecker.

The artwork depicts a smiling Uecker sitting down wearing a blue shirt and tan pants.  The unique aspect of Maughan’s sculpture is that it includes an extra seat so that fans can donate to the Brewers Community Foundation and the Make a Wish Foundation and take a photo next to the bronze of the Hall of Fame Brewers announcer.

When the Brewers first thought about having another statue to Uecker in the ballpark, the legendary 81 year old announcer rejected it as he jocularly claimed “I thought that they wanted me to work up there.” But it was a project championed by local media movie critic Gino Salomone, who prepared a tribute video for the event. 

Uecker quipped about the Terrace Level spot for the statue: “They had to make sure it was the worst seat.”  But Uecker warmed up to the statue by intimating that when he shakes his mortal coils that he might come to rest “up right and above ground.”

It is remarkable that a player who played only two of six seasons in Milwaukee (for the Braves before they moved down the Atlanta highway) and left the majors with a .200 batting average merits two statues at Miller Park.  That shows the esteem which Wisconsinites hold for Mr. Baseball.  His honest, happy-go-lucky, jocular personality serves as a great icon for the land of Cheeseheads, brats and brewskies for 43 seasons.

The wisecracking Uecker was one upped by one of his guests at the “Last Row” statue unveiling.  The ceremony included Brewer Hall of Famers Robin Yount, Rollie Fingers, current Brewers skipper Ron Roenicke, several current Brew Crew players, family, friends  et ali.

Bob Uecker [third from R] at the “Last Row” Statue unveiling ceremony April 25, 2014

The statue was unveiled at the top of Miller Park but the ceremony took place on the field.  This allowed Yount  to observe: “God, this is unbelievable. Fifty thousand empty seats. What a ceremony.”

Despite the friendly ribbing, the Last Row statue is so popular that the Brewers organization limits access to the “Uecker Seats” statue during the game, so the obstructed view fan can enjoy the ballgame.  The statue is even covered late in the game and afterwards so that fans will egress from Miller Park. For now, pictures are only permitted in the pre-game.

Well, how about that.

John Kerry on Mid-East Peace

When speaking in a closed door meeting of the Trilateral Commission, Obama Administration Secretary of State John F. Kerry opined that a two state solution to the Israeli/Palestinian affair was the only alternative to apartheid or annihilation of Israel.  This comes after talks with the Palestinian Authority were broken off by Israel as P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas reconciled with Hamas, which has vowed to annihilate the Jewish State.
There are a few remarkable things about Secretary of State Kerry’s admission.  It envisages that a one state solution could only be conducted under Palestinian auspices.  Currently, Arabs who live in Israel are first class citizens with full rights.  Muslim lead governments in the Mid-East have dhimmi second class citizens who do not ascribe to Islam but are countenanced by paying a jizha tax.
Secondly, Kerry’s choice of words is alarming.   Notwithstanding the validity of Kerry’s contention, applying the word apartheid is alarming as it introduces a pejorative phrase to the diplomatic toolbox for Israeli/Palestinian relations.  While apartheid is much more likely on the Palestinian plane, anti-semitic elements are much more likely to cast Israelis as the authors of apartheid.
Thirdly, the Obama Administration’s Minister to the world has revealed the meaninglessness of President Obama’s promise to Israel “I have Israel’s back” when he was out of the campaign hustings in 2012.  To paraphrase another flimsy Obama promise: “If you like your state, then you can keep it.”  It’s a pity that too many people relied up these sweet sounding cozenings in exchange for their support.

Mike Lee on Immigration

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) railed against the Department of Homeland Security’s rumored relaxation of deportations of illegal immigrants. At the same time, the Tea Party inspired Senator noted that conservatives are willing to address immigration but in a step-by-step rather than a collossal comprehensive immigration bill, which would be a monstrosity ala Obamacare.

Abbey Road on the Tiber?

The canonizations of Pope St. John XXIII and Pope St. John Paul II has been characterized as the day of four popes as Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI concelebrated the Canonization Mass with Pope Francis.

[L] Pope Francis and [R] Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI at Canonization Mass 27 April 2014 

One wag visually depicted this monumental moment in a homage to the Beatles.

As unprecedented of an occurrence as this “Day of Four Popes” was– Sorry John (sic), it was not bigger than Jesus either.

Teddy Roosevelt on Life

Teddy Roosevelt