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Andre Dubus on Talent

Andre Dubus

Giving 2 Cents on 50 Cent’s 1st Pitch

The ceremonial first pitch is a longtime baseball tradition  in baseball when a celebrity throws a ball to mark the end of the pregame festivities and the start of the game.  This guest of honor can be a politician, a sponsor of a giveaway or a celebrity.  Hence, Presidents, Wookies, and Rappers have taken to the mound for the ceremonial first pitch.
It used to be that the guest of honor would throw a ball from the grandstand.  However the ceremonial first pitch changed after Ronald Reagan took to the field for a Baltimore Oriole game.  Now it is sine qua non for the honoree to take to the mound to perform the ceremony.  Taking to the center of the diamond draws more attention and more pressure for the guest of honor to perform.  It was important for the national morale after the terror attacks on America that the Commander in Chief threw well for at the World Series at Yankee Stadium –fortunately, President George W. Bush delivered.
This season, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was lambasted for a blasé first pitch for the Met’s Opening Day.  Alas, for Mr. Met, that is not the only throw in 2014 which will live in infamy. Curtis Jackson a.k.a.  the rapper 50 Cents was asked to make the ceremonial first pitch at the Mets-Pirates game.
It was a struggle for the Mets announcer to put a positive spin on this ceremony. Jackson may find confidence attractive but giving my two cents, 50 Cents should not give up his day job.
The Washington Post developed a tongue-in-cheek infographic charting the best and worst ceremonial first pitches.
The chart was informative and entertaining, but there was no need to include T-Rex, Santa Claus or the Cookie Monster, when Chewbacca has actually made ceremonial first pitches.


Julie Andrews on Perseverance

Julie Andrews

Walt Disney on Communication

Walt Disney

#DOMINoNo Doesn’t Deliver Well After the First No Hitter of 2014

Major League Baseball teamed up with Domino’s Pizza for a promotion to give away 20,000 two topping medium pizzas to MLB account holders after the first two no hitters this season.
[C] LA Dodger Pitcher Josh Beckett celebrating after throwing no hitter May 24, 2014
LA Dodgers pitcher Josh Beckett pitched the first no hitter on Sunday in a 6-0 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.  In the game, Beckett had six strikeout.  Unfortunately, many more people struck out in trying to redeem their free pizza codes.
Tuesday was the day which MLB account holders could petition for their pizza, however response was so heavy that the website crashed and some fans were left pizza-less.  
In this age of social media diplomacy, these disgruntled pizza people took to Twitter to vent via the hashtag #DomiNoNo.  A post which would cut to the quick in the District of Calamity (sic) compared the problematic pizza giveaway to Obamacare sign ups.
Alas, it was not just hungry fans who suffered as a consequence of Beckett’s first no hitter.  Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis suffered a sprained ankle celebrating Beckett’s achievement when he jumped and landed on fellow catcher Drew Butera.


Ellis was put on the 15 day disabled list.  Fortunately, Butera was not injured in the incident.  It is unclear if Ellis will enjoy pizza while on DL. 

h/t:  Foxsports

Glinda the Good Witch on Character

Glinda the Good Witch

Kings Sized Donut in LA

Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California  has partnered with the LA Kings in their drive for another Stanley Cup championship.  The donut stand partnered with the NHL team to turn their iconic giant Donut which is a landmark on the I-405 freeway into something approximating a hockey puck.
The LA Kings have a long association with Inglewood, as the team played at the Forum of Inglewood for 32 years before moving to their current home at the Staples Center in 1999.
Larry Weintrub, a co-owner of Randy’s Donuts, expressed his intent to keep his landmark clad with a faux puck veneer until victory of bust.  Randy’s donuts put some icing on their partnership with the Kings by giving away a free glazed donut to all Kings fans  on Tuesday May 27th between 8 to 9 am.
LA Kings fans are one win away from playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup, as the hold a 3-1 lead over the Chicago Black Hawks in the Western Conference finals.


Memorial Day on the Boston Commons

To properly commemorate Memorial Day, five hundred volunteers placed 37,000 flags on the Boston Common to mark every Massachusetts citizen killed in war since the American Revolution.  
This sea of flags is a stirring sight.  But numbers alone does not tell the full story.  Historians may see battle casualties in the American Revolutionary war to be light, but considered in proportions, those who gave their lives for self rule would have been 2.1 million in contemporary scales.  Of course much of this sacrifice came from Massachusetts, the cradle of the Revolution, which started with the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World”  at Lexington and Concord. 

George Washington on Peace

George Washington

Douglas MacArthur on Politics

Douglas MacArthur