A Bit on Richard Dawkins and Sarah Palin Clashing In Social Media Concerning Down’s Syndrome

Richard Dawkins, the acclaimed atheist ethologist from Oxford University stirred up a cyclone of controversy on social media with a Twitter posting on the morality of aborting a Down’s Syndrome child in-utero.  When someone commented that she would not know what she would do if she were pregnant with a child having an extra chromosome, Dawkins doubled down on his “progressive position”.  Dawkins answering like “Dear Abby (the atheist edition)” wrote: “Abort it and try again. It would be immoral to bring it into the world if you have the choice.”  So abortion was not only an option for “The God Delusion” author, Dawkins demands that it is immoral for women to deliver a child afflicted with Down’s Syndrome.

Reading Dawkins declarations closely, it is quite revealing of his weltanschauung.  As an atheist, Dawkins does not draw  from any moral compass. So it is not surprising that he liberally latches unto “an individual woman’s right to choose. Later referring to a fetus as “it”, Dawkins detaches personhood from an unborn child. Dawkins pontificating that the only moral choice is to kill a defective child ought to please both Social Darwinists (survival of the fittest) and the ironically named humanists (the banner which binds British atheists activists).


It did not take long for former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) to respond to Dawkin’s dialectic. Palin famously campaigned for Vice President in 2008 with her young son Trig, who has Down’s Syndrome. Palin took her seven years of experience being a mother of a Down’s Syndrome Child when she reached out to Richard Dawkins via Facebook.

. Palin’s folksy riposte to Dawkins displays a positive sense of humanity that the learned professor lacks.  In addition, Ms. Palin’s Facebook posting alludes to her Down’s Syndrome child as having a unique kind of absolute beauty.  


Even though Dawkins may have coined the concept of memes, however Sarah Palin has perfected the social media tactic.

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  1. What is Palin going to say? That she erred in delivering?

    • Perhaps Robin Bishop is too lazy to read towards the end of the excerpt, but Ms. Palin refers to unique kind of absolute beauty in her child with Down’s Syndrome. If the reader really wanted to know “What is Palin going to say”, she could click the “SEE MORE” hyperlink to watch a video of Ms. Palin speaks about being Trig’s mother.

      Alas, based upon the tone and content of the reader’s challenge, it is more likely that she is addled with hatred towards Palin and that she mirrors Dawkin’s supercilious collective sociology. The fact that Robin Bishop offered knee jerk, uninformed opinions that gravitate towards ad hominem attacks should tell you all that you need to know about progressive tolerance.

      • As a Republican I am quite informed concerning Palin. As the husband of a SPED teacher (43 years), I am quite informed concerning down syndrome.

        I’m sorry but Palin is no hero for delivering and caring for a disabled child. I am happy that the speaking engagements have wained so she can actually be a mother again.

      • Robin Bishop — Thanks for confirming the Palin Derangement Syndrome. Your additional comments seem to confirm your sympathy with Dawkins regardless of the messenger.

  2. Well now – THAT was a yawner (as well as your reply to the above comment). A political AND religious ideologue – who really enjoys going out on a limb, eh? (Your God would be ashamed of you. I know I am.)

    • Donnie Hosie — Thanks for your supercilious contribution. Sorry that defending the dignity of all innocent human life inspires such ennui in you. It seems according to you, one should not take sides and be existential on pressing moral issues. For me, Rev 3:16 carries some inspiration: “If you are neither hot nor cold I will vomit you from My mouth.” God bless.

      • No man ever believes that the Bible means what it says: He is always convinced that it says what he means. And all great truths begin as blasphemies.
        – George Bernard Shaw

      • Donnie Hosie: Now we all know what you are– an argumentative atheist. The piece was about the morals of aborting Down’s Syndrome children, yet digitally dialoguing with you repeatedly devolved into your trying to dissuade a believer about the Bible (and insulting the interlocutor in the process). You will neither win friends nor influence people with this rhetoric, but I suspect that you don’t really care about that.

        We are at an intellectual impasse and there are better things to do than argue with invincible ignorance. Adios.

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