Andrew Jackson on Spelling

Andrew Jackson


It should be noted that this quote may have been a post humorous punch line attributed to “Old Hickory” which satirized his backwoods ways.

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  1. Got a citation to where Jackson said that?

    • Ed Darrell Glad that you were provoked by the posting.

      Allow me to echo “Editor’s Note on Aphorisms and Authenticity”

      “While it is hoped that you will be inspired and intellectually stimulated by aphorisms, if you question the authenticity, please offer gentle correction with affirmative information if necessary. Feedback can be useful and is often incorporated without fanfare. In the end, if a reader finds that one’s charitable contribution is unsatisfactory, then please seek truth where you can find it. “

      • Ah! The advice of hoaxsters for centuries!

        Better were we to seek accurate attribution before posting, than the claim caveat emptor along the way.

        IMHO, of course.

      • Ed Darrell Not at all. Read the aforementioned hyperlinked piece.

        I could have chosen to trace the disputed origins of the aphorism (and why it was applied to “Old Hickory”), but that is neither the mission of the pearls of wisdom nor would many people care.

        Had you made an affirmative argument disputing the authenticity, it would have been appreciated (and your contribution may have been noted). Instead you offer passive aggressive trollish behavior. IMHO, of course. /sarc.

        Enjoy basking in Millard Fillmore’s bathtub with whoever joins you.

  2. Almost certainly not Jackson. Also misattributed to Twain, often.

    Serious investigation for proper attribution:

  3. I had hoped you’d offer a citation. I apologize for politely asking at first. I had assumed you’d have something in hand, or in mind. I appreciate any help anyone can give me on accurate attribution of ideas and quotes — those who are keen enough to come up with a quip generally offer repeat performances to our shared benefit, when we track them down accurately.

    • Ed Darrell Odd how you apologize for “politely asking”. Things can be misconstrued online but that again sounds like passive aggressive communication.

      Glad that you found the same source that I did questioning the origins of the aphorism. Good for you! Even though it was a post humorous punch line about the wiley backwoods ways of “going his own way”, it is still apt IMHO.

      Since this is NOT a scholarly site (as noted in the Editor’s Note hyperlink) AND the scurrilous attribution did not take away from the thrust of the statement, qui scripti scripti.

      Thank you for your efforts. If you feel that you can not trust the information on this site, the internet is a big beautiful sea of information so you can get your quotes (and citations) elsewhere.

      This matter is closed.

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