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Mark Levin on the Constitution

Mark Levin on the Constitution


During his remarks before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), author and conservative radio show host Mark Levin offered a variety of examples of how the Presidency of Barack Obama has contravened the Constitution.



Van Wilder on Worry

Van Wilder on Worry

Jeb Bush on Faith

Jeb Bush on Catholicism

Groucho Marx on Honesty

Groucho Marx on Honesty

Barack Obama on DHS Funding

Barack Obama on DHS Funding


During the lame duck session of the 112th Congress, House Republicans fully funded FY 2015 budget, with the exception of Department of Homeland Security, in which a short term continuing resolution was applied to allow for a rider which would not Congressionally fund President Obama’s Executive Action on illegal immigration.

In the new 113th Congress, Senate Democrats refused to allow cloture to debate the DHS bill, lest the funding bill pass on majority terms.  The Obama White House and lackeys in the Lamestream Media and Senate Democrats are striving to frame Republicans for being obstructionists for not rubber stamping Mr. Obama’s extra-constitutional effective amnesty.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has suggested bifurcating the Executive Amnesty issue from DHS funding.  But this legislative legerdemain was acceptable to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) only if House Speaker John Boehner acceded to Obama’s will.  So far, Speaker Boehner holds the attitude that Senate Democrats ought to “get off their asses” and vote on the House bill.


So now the Obama Administration’s tact has shifted to hardball politics.  During a townhall meeting telecast on MSNBC and Telemundo, President Obama dared the Republicans to pass the House bill, which would merit another Obama veto.


May the majorities in Congress stick to their principles and not quickly fold to a passive aggressive bully chief executive.



John Thune on the Obamanet

John Thune on the Obamanet

Rudy Giuliani on Love of Country

Rudy Giuliani on the Love of Country

“America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani created a media firestorm after his remarks on patriotism before Republican donors and Presidential hopeful Governor Scott Walker (R-WI).

Some of President Obama’s appeal in the 2008 Democratic primary was that he was raised during his formative years in Indonesia, where love of America was not inculcated.  However exploring this credential created cries of bigotry and partisan politics.


“Chairman Wheeler and the FCC are not above Congress.”

Fred Upton and Jason Chaffetz on FCC Chairman Wheeler



FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler refused to testify before Congress before promulgating and voting on his 332 (now 317) page  regulation of the internet.  The Federal Communication Commission is a creation of Congress so it is curious that the Commission will not share its secret plan to apply most aspects of Title II to internet service providers under the guise of net neutrality. So legislators whose rightful responsibility includes governing the people neither get a heads up on a monumental shift in the internet much less explore the unintended consequences of the FCC move.

But the FCC is supposed to be an independent regulatory agency.  Yet after President Barack Obama issued his “modest proposal” on net neutrality in November, FCC Chairman Wheeler changed his tune to craft his policy.  No doubt, the Democrat majority on the Committee will vote for a proposal which will mirror President Obama’s dictat.

Vaclav Havel on Truth

Vaclav Havel on Truth

Joe Biden on Emancipation

Joe Biden on Emancipation


Vice President Joe Biden is known for his egregious gaffes, his colorful metaphors as well as his uncouth social graces while in the spotlight. Last year, Biden channeled “White Men Can’t Jump” for his Black History Month event.  This year, Mr. Biden hosted a Black History Month dinner at the Naval Observatory (the Vice President’s official residence) in which he fused class envy with racial politics.

It is unclear if the man who is one heartbeat away from the Oval Office is trying to outflank Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on progressive economic appeals in a fledgling bid for the Democrat presidential nomination, or if Biden is just tone deaf by once again invoking the “chains y’all” rhetoric famously used during the 2012 re-election bid.

A fortnight ago, the media worked itself into a tizzy when it discovered the old news that Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) dropped out of Marquette University during his senior year and never graduated.  Biden makes an inflammatory and insensitive appeal and the Lamestream Media will not cover it since it’s just “Joe being Joe”.

It is not the conscience of the American public that needs emancipation as much as the news needs emancipation from a progressive lamestream media which will not report things which do not fit into their favored narrative.