Thomas Sowell on Global Warming

Thomas Sowell on Global Warming

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  1. People who could find themselves in danger if the weather forecast is correct may well bet their paycheck. Fishermen would be one example of a profession which would consider whether to work based on forecasts. Other people may choose to take spend money or time in taking precautions in response to forecasts. Governments and businesses regularly make bets on weather forecasts. Either through setting up flood barriers, or buying in extra BBQs or shovels. That’s why they invest money weather forecasters in the first place.

    • Al Gore predicted in 2005 that the polar ice cap would be melted by Global warming by the end of January 2015. Well, we’re still standing and more ice at South Pole. Oops.

      All of the recommendations to remediate global warming over 100 years would only abate climate change effects by two years at a cost of hundreds of trillions (paid by Western nations) at a cost of great individual liberty.

      Global Warming hysteria is less about SCIENCE and more about faith in big government.

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