Bill Kristol on Influencing Ideologies

Bill Kristol on Conservatism and Statism


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  1. Are you sure he didn’t mean to say “autism” instead of “statism”? (“He’s a very good businessman, yeah…good businessman…”)

    • Don’t think that Bill Kristol is a “Good businessman”. The analysis is apt. Your tongue in cheek take not so much. Thanks Invisible Mikey for making an appearance here.

      • I was parodying Dustin Hoffman as “Rainman”, talking ABOUT the Donald, not Kristol. Probably too obscure a movie reference. Trump supporters sometimes sound autistic to me, repeating little phrases they never examine or analyze for veracity.

      • It seemed like a comedic aside but context would have been useful. Rainman wasn’t that obscure — 3 pm. Time for Judge Wapner.

        Thanks for clarifying.

  2. agent provocateur

    Reblogged this on Nevada State Personnel WATCH.

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