St. Josemaria Escriva on the Rosary

St Josemaria Escriva

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  1. There is nothing holy about the rosary.
    the rosary is a vatican invention,used to get money from gullible people, who are frightened of going to a non existent place called purgatory.

    Your Rosary is of the devil.
    Escriva founded the disgusting organization known as Opus Dei, essentially a Jesuit Pedophile Cult.

    • Your post is laughable and unintentionally impeaches your handle as “Senientchristian” Tough to believe that “The Vatican” invented the Rosary, as it is generally attributed to St. Dominic in the XIII century. If it were a Vatican invention to con money off people for what you claim is a mythical place called purgatory, they’ve done a horrible job since Vatican II (1962-65) in exhorting the supposed funds from the “gullible” faithful via the Rosary.

      Your extensive knowledge (or lack there of) of Catholic culture is best shown when you note that St. Josemaria Escriva was a found of Opus Dei claiming that it was a Jesuit organization. Hate to tell you but the Society of Jesus (a.k.a. the Jesuits) and Opus Dei have dramatically different charisms (gifts) and approaches to faith and mission. But you smear them irregardless of reality.

      It might be interesting to explore theological differences such as metaphysics, teleology and your unbiblical belief in the KJV bible only but reading the mast of your website tells me that is a sisyphean task:

      The KJV / AV_1611 Bible Only !! Exposing the false teachings of those purporting to be Christian’s, and exposing The Whore of Babylon in it’s many forms.

      Pro tip: Grammar matters. Your apostrophes mitigate the verjuice of your message.

      Do be aware of this site’s code of conduct for charitable commenting.

      God bless and you will be remembered in today’s rosary.

      • Vatican invention = Catholic invention. I perhaps should have been more precise.
        The rosary is an invention of the devil, and Blasphemy.

        You dont have to read everything on my blog, there is a means of searching on different subjects…

        You need to check out ‘ Opus Dei Awareness Network ‘.

        Brrv : ODAN

      • Sentient Christian — You’ve had your say and again displayed your ignorance, particularly as you continue to besmirch Opus Dei as being Jesuit. Then you maintain that the Rosary is an invention of the devil. Oh, so saying the Lord’s Prayer (taken verbatum from the Bible) and the Ave Maria derived from the Angel Gabriel and Elizabeth’s greeting of Mary, Mother of God from the Gospel of Luke) as the faithful meditate on the life and works of Our Savior Jesus Christ is the work of the devil there is nothing more to say to you.

        This exchange is finished.


      • Do not put words in my catholics have a habit of doing that.
        Prayers [ so called ] to mary, are a blasphemy. mary is not god.
        mary is NOT mother of god, and she is never described as such in the Scriptures.

        Good Bye.

      • For the benefit of those ignorant of the Hail Mary, here it is:

        “Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with you.” That is taken from the Angel Gabriel in the Annunciation [c.f. LK 1:28]
        “Blessed are you among women” Said by both the Angel Gabriel [LK 1:29] and St. Elizabeth (Mother of St. John the Baptist) [LK 1:29]
        “and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.” [LK 1:29]
        “Holy Mary, Mother of God PRAY FOR US now and at the hour of our death.”

        Some argue that Hail is the linguistical equivalent of a “Hi ya”. Of course, that critique fails to recognize the following clause “Full of Grace”. An angel bearing a message from the Lord that the intended mother of His Son is “Full of grace” means that she can not have any more grace. Thus the reason that Catholics honor Mary with hyperdulia but do not worship her. Alas many of our Protestant Bretheren in Christ think that the Mother of God was just a vessel.

        The last clause of the Ave Maria asks the Mother of God to pray for us. Hence, she is petitioning her son Jesus, thus NOT GOD.

        A reader insisted that Mary is not the Mother of God because it was never described in scripture. OK. Guess that the Lukean Annunciation [LK 1:30-33] doesn’t count. It’s just that the Holy Spirit will come upon you and you will bear a son who will be named Jesus who will be Son of the Most High. But it doesn’t have the title “Mother of God”. So try the Council of Ephesis in 431 which named Mary Theotokis, Mother of God. Some might reject that surety of faith because it was not in the Bible. But the Bible itself was codified by the Council of Nicea in 325 by the Catholic Church. Oops.

        By the way, the Trinity is never mentioned by name but has been a principle belief by most of Christendom as it bears witness to the activities of a God who can only be understood in Trinitarian terms. Sola scriptura types may bristle at that since it’s not explicitly in scripture. However, in the Pauline epistle 2 TIM 3:14 points to tradition (learned beliefs) as well as scripture.

        Protestants may have problems with Petrine authority, the role of tradition and the Magisterium (teaching authority of the Church), Mariology or souls being purified before fully entering into the Divine Presence (purgatory). But one can not be a sapio-Christian falsely claiming that prayers derived from scripture are a blasphemy or fundamentally mischaracterizing long held pan-Christian beliefs.

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