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Ex DIA Chief Michael Flynn on Foreign Affairs

Ex DIA Chief Michael Flynn on Obama al Qaeda and Islamic Brotherhood Foreign Policy

Andrew Carnegie on Life

Andrew Carnegie on Life

Stephen King on Back Stories

Stephen King on Back Stories

Clarence Thomas Dissects SCOTUS Abortion Clinic Case Majority Holding

Excerpt of Clarence Thomas dissent of Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt Majority holding

Scott Brown on Fauxcahontas

Senator Scott Brown echoes Donald Trump on Fauxcahontos Elizabeth Warren

Richard Posner on the Constitution

Richard Posner on the Constitution

Ted Cruz on SCOTUS Abortion Womens’ Health Ruling

Senator Ted Cruz on Supreme Court's Ruling on Whole Womens' Health v. Hellerstedt Case

Tony Perkins on SCOTUS Ruling for Abortion Clinic Closing Case

Tony Perkins on SCOTUS Abortion Clinic Closing Case


George Will on Leaving the GOP

George Will on Leaving the GOP

Margaret Thatcher on a United Europe

Margaret Thatcher on a united Europe