Francois Holland on Climate Change Accords

French President Francois Hollande on the Paris Climate Change Accords


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  1. It is certainly in the populaces interest to keep those commitments. The billionaires and corporations, not so much.

    • So you think that billionaires and corporations just eat the extra expenses? No, they are passed along to the consumers. But only in the Western industrialized nations and we hope that the global south plays along.

      By the way, can you tell me what will be achieved if, mirablu deus, everyone keeps their total greenhouse gas commitments? Will it lower the level of the sea? Will it make the global temperature just right? Will it be worth the trillions of dollars to achieve a temporary decrease in temperature in 100 years?

    • If it was soooo important, then why didn’t President Obama make it a treaty instead of an Executive Action which can easily be overturned?

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