Monthly Archives: February 2017

President Donald Trump on Leaks

President Donald Trump on Leaks

Jim Dean on the New DNC Chair

Jim Dean on on the new Democrat National Committee Chair

Barbara Boxer on Hollywood Free Speech

Barbara Boxer on Hollywood Free Speech

Some of Sabo on the Discounting of Hollywood

LA Street Artist Sabo Skews Tinseltown with Discounting of Hollywood installation


Edward R. Murrow on Show Business

Edward R. Murrow on Show Business

David Wilkerson on Ministry

David Wilkerson on Ministry

Tom Lehrer on Majors

Tom Lehrer on Majors

Sufjan Stevens on Music and Communication

Sufjan Stevens on Music and Communication

On Why the Christian Narrative Seems So Unappealing Today

At a Norwegian Teachers' Meeting, Adventist Daniel Duda postulates why the Christian narrative seems so unappealing today

Alan Dershowitz on Keith Ellison

Alan Dershowitz on prospective DNC Chair Keith Ellison