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Vladimir Lenin on the Media

Vladimir Lenin on the Media

A Poignant Reaction to the Annapolis Shooting

Capital Gazette Reporter Phil Davis gave first hand reaction to the Annapolis shooting

A Bit on Mitch McConnell on Democrats Invoking the Nuclear Option

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Democrats invoking the Nuclear Option for judicial nominations


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A Bit of Mark Warner on Intelligence

Senator Mark Warner teases big money Democrat donors on inside information about the Mueller Special Counsel investigation

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Two New Tigers Citizens

Two Detroit Tigers become naturalized citizens at Comerica Park


Some of President Trump on Harley Davidson

President Trump Threatens Harley Davidson with high taxes if it shifts production overseas to mitigate tariffs

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Ernest Hemingway on True Nobility

Ernest Hemingway on True Nobility

Daniel Patrick Moynihan on Left Wing Snubs

Daniel Patrck Moynihan on Left Wing Snubs

Buck Sexton on Trump Derangement Syndrome

Buck Sexton on Trump Derangement Syndrome

Jason Chaffetz on Democrats’ Scorched Earth Policy

Jason Chaffetz on Democrats' Scorched Earth Policy