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Jack Dorsey on Shadowbanning

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Shadowbanning and social media censorship

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Chris Murphy on Social Media Censorship

Senator Chris Murphy on Social Media Censorship

Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Ex RNC Chair Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Some of Cory Booker on American Heartbreak

Cory Booker on American Heartbreak at Netroots Nation


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Some of LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

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A Bit of St. Ignatius of Loyola on His Pre-Repentive Life

St. Ignatius Loyola on His Pre-Repentive Life


A Bit of Blessed Stanley Rother on Being a Pastor

Blessed Stanley Rother on Being a Pastor


James Mattis on Iran

Trump Secretary of Defense James Mattis on Iran

Victor Davis Hanson on John Brennan

Victor Davis Hanson on John Brennan as the Poster Boy for Deep State Elites

Some of of Mark Levin on James Comey

Conservative radio icon Mark Levin on Comey the Clown

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