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Some of Rand Paul on the Problem with GOP Politics

Senator Rand Paul on the problem with Republican politics


John Bolton on the United Nations

Ex UN Amb. John Bolton on the United Nations

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Mike Huckabee on GOP Funding Planned Parenthood

Mike Huckabee on GOP Funding Planned Parenthood

Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill

Senator Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill

A Bit of Rand Paul on the GOP Spending Bill

Senator Rand Paul on GOP Metanoia on Government Spending

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Ben Sasse on DC Dysfunction

Senator Ben Sasse on DC Dysfunction

Some of Nikki Haley on the Russia Nerve Gas Attack

Trump UN Ambassador Nikki Haley denounces Russia for nerve gas attack in Britain

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Some of Larry Kudlow on Free Market Capitalism

New Trump chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow on Free Market Capitalism


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On Running Things

Marion Barry on Jessie Jackson Running Things

Some of Jeff Sessions on California’s Sanctuary Laws

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions on California's Sanctuary Laws

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