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Joseph Sobran on Education

Joseph Sobran on Education


A Bit of Jennifer Lawrence on Mother Nature’s Wrath

Jennifer Lawrence on Trump and Mother Nature's Wrath

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Steven Wright on the Gene Pool

Steven Wright on the Gene Pool

A Bit of Glenn Beck and a Fire Line for The Blaze

Glenn Beck and a Fire Line for The Blaze TV?

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Bob Newhart on Values

Bob Newhart on Values

Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Gen. John Kelly

Hispanic Caucus Head Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Trump Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly

Devin Nunes on Intelligence Unmasking

House Intelligence Chair Rep. Devin Nunes on Intelligence Unmasking

Lee Smith on Domestic Spying

Lee Smith on Domestic Spying

A Bit of Davy Crockett on Fighting for Freedom

Remember the Alamo-- Davy Crockett's last journal entry


Some of Joe Di Genova on the Trump Resistance

Joe DiGenova speculates that intelligence leaks against Trump and street agitation is an attempted soft coup d'etat