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Barry Black on Adversity

Senate Chaplain Barry Black on Adversity

A Bit on Harry Reid on FBI Director Comey

Harry Reid on FBI Director James Comey


Mike Huckabee on Obama White House Manners

Mike Huckabee on Obama White House Manners


Teddy Roosevelt on Mistakes

Teddy Roosevelt on Mistakes

Some Notions about Nerd Prom in the District of Calamity (sic)

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner has been an annual event since 1921 when the press corp
rubs elbows with the Administration in a social, cocktail fueled supper.  Some serious journalists, like New York Timescolumnist Frank Rich have refused to go to the dinner as  it “illustrates how easily a propaganda-driven White House can enlist the Washington news media in its shows.”

In recent years, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner has drawn increased public attention and
glamour as  the guest list has grown to be “more Hollywood”. The event has evolved from a humble one night affair into a  week long celebration by celebutards, power players and the press.


Patrick Gavin has  labeled the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a Nerd Prom since this was a replacement prom for those who not have been the cool kids in high school.  


As a political animal residing in the District of Calamity (sic), I appreciate opportunities to make light of my favorite contact sport–politics.  But knowing that the press corps is overwhelmingly liberal and  the timidity of inquiries during Presidential press briefings of late, it is unreasonable to expect that the jokes would be evenly divided.  But by mining the nuggets from the nabobs of the Nerd Prom from  Celebrity in Chief President Barack Obama and keynote comedienne Cecily Strong one can discern some interesting insights.
 Thus the routine [of keynoter Cecily Strong] was going to be packed with progressive identity politics with an emphasis on female power and gay glory.
It was clear from the material that Strong was not a Washington insider. 

Some of Strong’s ziggers were sharp, but her delivery was weak.  Her stand-up did not pack a strong punch (sic).  It might have hurt that she kept looking down to read her one liners, which accented her exaggerated fake eyelashes.  It seems that she could not get use of TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States).

Strong seemed more successful when using props and slight physical comedy. 
Where Strong seemed equal opportunity in her irreverence was towards the media. 
These “jokes” were delivered as there was civil unrest occurring in Baltimore, forty miles to the north. When the Mayor of Baltimore holds Orioles fans in their seats because there are rioters outside of Camden Yards, this ceased to be funny even for black satire. It  just shows how the Amtrak corridor elites are out of touch as well as pushing a progressive narrative.  
Obama and Angry Translator WHCD 
As for President Obama, he always does well at these political-press love fests.  His writing was better than Mr. Obama’s misplaced jocularity at the recent reception of Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at the White House
Some feel the President Obama demeaned the office by the puckish slideshow which included a picture of the President swimming in a White House fountain. However, Mr. Obama already demeaned the prestige of the Presidency by granting an extended interview with an internet phenom whose claim to fame was bathing in a tub of Fruit Loops and milk. So when Mr. Obama opined that his new policy methodology rhymed with “Buck it”, it fit right in with the vulgar values of a Daily Show and Reddit audience. 
That being said, Mr. Obama displays an odd sense of humor in public. 
Part of President Obama’s shtick was assisted through an anger translator played by Keegan Michael Key.  This skit culminated by Mr. Obama feigning losing his cool over racial issues and his “anger translator” holding him back.  
All in all, the writing for the 2015 White House Correspondent’s dinner was better than most Saturday Night Live political skits.  Unfortunately, Strong’s delivery lacked a punch.  Mr. Obama showed his snarky side, which was smooth but not flattering.  Even his attempts at self depricating humor about being self absorbed were not endearing. But at least First Lady Michelle Obama let the crowd enjoy roast before these self important nabobs at the Nerd Prom are condemned to consume cake.  


Valerie Jarrett on the White House

Valerie Jarrett on the White House

Kevin Durant on MVPs

Kevin Durant, a 26 year old 6’9″ forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder, won the 2013-2014 NBA Most Valuable Player award.  What was striking about Durant’s 25 minute speech is what he chose to highlight.  Durant has been top scorer in four of the last five seasons.  But Durant  highlighted how he was molded by his upbringing coming from modest background in PG county (Prince Georges county outside of the District of Calamity) and how Durant appreciated all of the support that he received.
[L] Kevin Durant embraces his Mama at NBA MVP  (photo: AP/Susan Ogroki)

Durant personally recognized all of his teammates in his MVP speech, which recognizes that he could not achieve without the help of others.  But Durant reserved the highest praise for his mother, who he called the “real MVP”. Wanda Pratt, a.k.a. @MamaDurant , expected to be mentioned in her son’s speech but had no idea about the magnitude of the recognition.

This tribute has struck a chord with the public at large a demonstration of humility, an example that single-mothers can make a difference.  The NBA even made a commercial with selected snippets of Durant’s speech

 However, on the second Sunday in May, it is an especially appropriate tribute to mothers.

Rector’s Reverence for the Washington National Cathedral?

Last month, the Washington National Cathedral removed all of its pews for several days for what was billed as a special and unique event–“Seeing Deeper”.  The event was promoted by as:

Seeing Deeper builds upon and visibly brings to life many facets of the Cathedral’s core mission. By juxtaposing the spiritual and the artistic, practice and hearing, silence and song, the Cathedral opens the doors of this landmark and national treasure to be experienced in new ways while fulfilling our calling to be a spiritual home for the nation. As a place known for its art and iconography and its setting for musical performance, this week of introspection, reflection, and transcendence transforms the Cathedral’s living stones for thousands of worshipers, concert-goers, pilgrims, and visitors.

Washington National Cathedral’s long-time  Music Director Michael McCarthy explained emptying the nave to allow visitors to experience the worship space in solitude and silence as well as offering a couple of free classical concerts by the Cathedral Choir.
All of this religious rhetoric sounds very noble project for the world’s sixth largest Cathedral, which also doubles as the Episcopal Church’s Washington Cathedral.  But the execution of Seeing Deeper along with some comments that it engendered may shock some sensibilities of religiously centered Christians.
To aid in Seeing Deeper, the Washington National Cathedral promised to have “prayer mats, yoga mats, zafu meditation cushions and mandalas to draw and color available as reflection tools.  So a nominally Christian Cathedral opens itself to zafu meditation for Hindus worshiping thousands of gods or Buddhist mandala meditation to no god.  While religious liberty should be prized in America as well as religious tolerance, it is questionable to open the Cathedral doors and facilitate worship of other deities in the Lord’s house.
What was more shocking was the quip by the new Rector of Washington National Cathedral, Reverend Gary Hall.   Hall quipped: “I want to skateboard down it — or have a paper airplane contest,” as he watched about 100 people
practice tai chi in open nave.”
Hall believes that not enough was being done with Washington National Cathedral, so Seeing Deeper would get the place back to its roots.  However, Rector Hall conscientiously would not proselytize.   “If I get people together and say, ‘Let’s talk about God,’ we’ll get an
argument. But if I say, ‘Let’s all pray together and experience the
divine together in our own way,’ people can enter that in a much more
creative and less-judgmental way.”  That is pretty weak tea for proclaiming the Gospel .  However joking about playing with paper airplanes or skateboarding down the nave truly impeaches Hall’s reverence and piety towards a sacred space of which he is rector.
Opening the doors of Washington National Cathedral to celebrate faith may be well intentioned but misguided for a Christian sanctuary, but when a rector’s lack of reverence is revealed by wanting to play in the sanctuary of his own Cathedral Church underlines why Dr. Scott Hahn is so committed to the New Evangelization as society has become notably de-Christianized

Snapshots from the Between the Beltways Blizzard

The Nor’easter which hit the Eastern Seaboard dumped around 9 1/2 inches of snowfall overnight in the center of the District of Calamity (sic).  

2014 Beltway Blizzard informal snow measure

Weather reporters warn that an  afternoon snowfall may add several more inches of the fluffy white stuff.  But it may end up as freezing rain, which would strain above ground power lines and make driving even more hazardous.

2009 Snowsaumi satire

This is the first major snowstorms in the Nation’s Capital since the winter of 2009-2010 when the city was walloped with the Snowtsaumi of  16″ (on a fall day no less),  Snowpocalypse in January with 28″ and Snowmaggeddon of 20.5″  in February.  

So far, the 2014 snowstorm has not seemed as severe– however this Beltway Blizzard has still claimed some casualties.  In trying to clear the wet heavy snow, two shovels snapped.  It is a good thing that there is still a spare.  

It may be impossible to buy, beg or steal another one in the near future. But then again there is so much to typical shovel in DC, what else is new?

The Federal and District governments were closed today.  If history holds any sway, the gears of government should be closed through Tuesday, including the observance of George Washington’s Birthday (often mistakenly called “Presidents’ Day”), though some may still supposedly “telecommute”.  

One thing that is different from prior big snowstorms is that secondary streets were plowed half a day after the blizzard started.  Is it any coincidence that there is a Democrat Mayoral Primary in Washington D.C. on April 1st? 

Unusual Sniping on Capitol Hill

Capitol Police in protective mode after shooting near the US Capitol

In the few days in which the Federal government has been shut down without a Budget or a Continuing Resolution, there has been a lot of verbal sniping among lawmakers and the President.  But when there was an emergency which threatened both the White House and the Congress, law enforcement kicked into action.

This evocative photo is of the Capitol Hill Police reacting to an incident with a shooter where a dozen shots were fired.  The law enforcement officer was positioned to protect one of the chambers of Congress. 
The House and the Senate were both in session.  Both legislative bodies went into lock-down, with the lawmakers being barricaded in their respective chambers and staffers told to shelter in place for forty five minutes.