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Some of Donny Deutsch on Voters

Donny Deutsch labels Trump voters as akin to Nazis at the border for not allowing effectively open borders

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Some of Jonathan Turley on Spygate

Law Professor Jonathan Turley on Spygate

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Hillary Clinton on Politics

Hillary Clinton still regrets mistakes from the 2016 Presidential election

A Bit of Nancy Pelosi’s Political Prognostications

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi confirms that she will run for speaker when Democrats win the House in the 2018 general election

Some of Scott Walker on a Blue Wave

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Warns GOP of a Blue Wave

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Guy Benson Reacts to Speaker Paul Ryan Not Seeking Re-election

Guy Benson on Speaker Paul Ryan not seeking re-election

Senator Joe Manchin on Democrat Politics

Senator Joe Manchin on Democrat Politics


Some of Martha McSally on Courage

Rep. Martha Mcsally announces her bid for US Senate emphasizing combat courage


Lindsey Graham on Gifts that Keep On Giving

Senator Lindsey Graham warns that election of Alabamians of Roy Moore would be a gift that keeps on giving to Democrats

Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rigging Elections

Ex DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Rigging Elections