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Two New Tigers Citizens

Two Detroit Tigers become naturalized citizens at Comerica Park


Some of Donny Deutsch on Voters

Donny Deutsch labels Trump voters as akin to Nazis at the border for not allowing effectively open borders

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Todd Starnes on Immigration

Todd Starnes on Immigration

Some of Sarah Huckabee Sanders on MS-13

Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on MS-13

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Some of President Trump on Guarding the Southern Border

President Donald Trump on Guarding the Southern Border

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Some of Jeff Sessions on California’s Sanctuary Laws

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions on California's Sanctuary Laws

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A Bit on Luis Gutierrez on Democrats’ Priorities

Luis Gutierrez on Democrats' Priorities on Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration

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Senator Tom Cotton on DACA

Senator Tom Cotton on the perils of amnesty in a DACA deal

A Bit on Stuart Varney and the Schumer Shutdown

Legal Immigrant Fox Business Anchor Stuart Varney rails against the Schumer Shutdown and DACA


Some of Donald Trump on the Ninth Circuit and DACA

Donald Trump on DACA and the Ninth Circuit