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A Bit of Larry King on the News

Larry King notes that CNN stopped doing news when it focus all coverage on Donald Trump

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Thomas Sowell on Emotions and Facts

Thomas Sowell on Emotions and Facts

Jack Dorsey on Shadowbanning

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on Shadowbanning and social media censorship

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Sebastian Gorka on Press Conferences

Sebastian Gorka on Press Conferences

Buck Sexton on Journalism

Buck Sexton on Journalism

A Bit on Katy Tur and the Constitution

Katy Tur on the Constitution


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The Old Grey Lady on the Ossified House Democrat Leadership

Excerpt of New York Times editorial criticizing ossified House Democrat leadership

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Vladimir Lenin on the Media

Vladimir Lenin on the Media

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit between President Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un

Some of Joe Scarborough on Robert De Niro

Joe Scarborough chides Robert De Niro's vulger rebuke of President Trump at the Tony Awards

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