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Some of Sabo on the Discounting of Hollywood

LA Street Artist Sabo Skews Tinseltown with Discounting of Hollywood installation


Elliot Carver on Insanity

Bond Villain Elliot Carver on Success


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Peter Thiel's understanding of economics comparing Star Trek to Star Wars


Maz Kanata on Life

Star Wars Maz Kanata on Life

Some of Sabo on Rogue Won (sic)

Street Artist Sabo on Rogue Won parody of the Disney Star Wars spinoff and Election 2016


On Optimism, Pessimism and Fluoride

On Optimism, Pessimism and Flouride

Willy Wonka on Good Deeds

Willy Wonka on Good Deeds

Phil Connors on Groundhogs Day

Phil Connors on Groundhogs Day

A Bit of Jeb! Campaign Blueprint–Phileas Fogg or Baron Muchausen?

Phileas Fogg Baron Munchausen


Jeb Bush’s Campaign staff shared with US News a 112 page internal campaign blueprint that exposed the the nitty gritty details of an establishment $130 million primary campaign. After studying the Jeb! Q3 Campaign Briefing, it is hard not to hear the candidate speak and not think of the strategerie (sic) behind it.


Jeb’s campaign is banking on surviving the February GOP contests. Afterwards it would leverage its fundraising prowess (both hard money and Super PACs) via advertising, endorsements, strategic Hispanic outreach for success in many contests.


It was telling that the Jeb! campaign advisers used a literary conceit to explore their long term primary strategy. After the early primaries, the Jeb! campaign used the codename Phileas Fogg, from Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, to liken the frenetic March strategy to compete for 1,428 delegates in 22 state contests.


This cynical political junkie is wondering if the Phineas Fogg blueprint would be better substituted by the Adventures of Baron Munchusen. It may be less of a frenetic but methodical slog as envisioned by the internal analysis and more of like on of the Munchausen movie tagline “Remarkable. Unbelievable. Impossible. And true.”



Captain Jack Sparrow on Problems

Captain Jack Sparrow on Problems