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Some of NBC Apologizing for Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Insensitivity

NBC offeres shame faced apology for Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony insulting commentary

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Lord Mancroft on Skiing

Lord Mancroft on Skiing

Some of Vice President Mike Pence on the Winter Olympics

Vice President Mike Pence on the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

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Mitt Romney on the Olympics

Mitt Romney on Russia being banned from 2018 Winter Olympics


Kim Rhode on the Second Amendment

Kim Rhode on the Second Amendment


Pope Francis on Rio 2016 Olympics Team Refugee

Pope Francis on Rio Olympics Team Refugees


World Class Gymnast Natalia Godunko Gives Up Gold to Aid Ukrainian Army

[L] Natalia Godunko performing Rhythmic Gymnastics  [R] Gold Medal being auctioned for Ukrainian Army

Natalia Godunka, a 29 year old world class Rhythmic Gymnast from Ukraine, decided to auction her team Gold Medal from the 2001 World Championships in Madrid to support the Ukrainian army in the War of the Donbass (Eastern Ukraine).

To get an idea of the caliber of athlete Godonko is, witness her frenetic but flawless ribbon performance at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

Godunka boyfriend, musician Sasha Polozhynsky, announced the auction of the medal on Facebook.  Plozhynsky regrets that Godunka put the medal up for auction but since it has been bid upon, he hopes that it will raise more money and inspire others to also help fund the cause. 

In one day, the auction had garnered bids had garnered bids up to $843 US.   The auction runs until August 10th, 2014.

During the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia  a couple of Ukrainian athletes protested violence at the Euromaiden protests in Kiev by Russian backed paramilitaries  by not showing up to their events.

Godunko sacrificing her gold medal  to support her country’s army to inspire shared sacrifice to forestall Finlandization of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s expansionistic incursions using  non-linear warfare.

Many celebrities will spout off about causes about which they know little or that lending their support comes at no cost.  It is admirable that Ukrainian athletes like Natalia Godunko as well as Olg and Bohdana Matsohski are willing to personally sacrifice for their country and their freedom. 

h/t: Ukrainian Pravda 

Michael Phelps on a Comeback

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete ever, winning 22 Olympic medals (18 gold medals including 11 individual golds).  After the 2012 London Summer Olympics, Phelps reasoned: “I would be past 30 by the time the next Olympic. I have
achieved what I wanted to achieve. If you can say that about your career,
then it’s time to move forward, time to move on to other things. I finished
my career how I wanted to.”
Yet twenty months later, the Flying Fish is back in the US Swimming pool at the US Grand Prix in Mesa, Arizona.  Not only did Phelps win his first comeback race in the 100 meter butterfly, but his 52.84 time was the fastest qualifer for the final.


The 28 year old Phelps is non-committal about whether he intends to compete in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics, but this sort of result after only six months of training bodes favorably for a fifth Olympic appearance.

Sarah Hughes on the Olympics

Sarah Hughes

Patriarch of Moscow Kirill I Blesses Russophone Athletes at Sochi Winter Olympics

Kirill I Olympic blessing