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A Bit of Rand Paul on the GOP Spending Bill

Senator Rand Paul on GOP Metanoia on Government Spending

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Ben Sasse on DC Dysfunction

Senator Ben Sasse on DC Dysfunction

Some of Larry Kudlow on Free Market Capitalism

New Trump chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow on Free Market Capitalism


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On Running Things

Marion Barry on Jessie Jackson Running Things

Some of Jeff Sessions on California’s Sanctuary Laws

Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions on California's Sanctuary Laws

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Fr. Richard John Neuhaus on Politics

Fr. Richard John Neuhaus on Politics

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Some of the Penumbra of Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech

Winston Churchill on Socialism


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A Bit on Ayn Rand on Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand on Atlas Shrugged

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A bit of Orrin Hatch on Obamacare

Orrin Hatch calls supporters of Obamacare dumb asses

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Jimmy Kimmel on Talk Show Hosts

Jimmy Kimmel on why talk show hosts are liberals