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Thomas Sowell on Our Era

Thomas Sowell on Sanity in Our Era

Some of Thanks for Nothing AOC

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on Blocking Amazon's HQ2 in New York City

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A Bit of George H.W. Bush on Heaven

President George H.W. Bush on HeavenSEE MORE at DCCalamity.US

A Bit on Maxine Waters and the Financial Services Committee

Andrew Wilkow analogizes new Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters as Karl Marx in a dress


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A Bit of Cardinal Di Nardo on Episcopal Accountability

USCCB President Cardinal Di Nardo on Episcopal Accountability

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Scott Adams on Nationalism

Scott Adams on Nationalism

A Bit of George S. Patton on the Object of War

General George S. Patton on the Object of War

Some of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez on Winning

Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez complains that she doesn't have initial income to move to Washington DC after winning Congressional race.

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A Bit of Larry King on the News

Larry King notes that CNN stopped doing news when it focus all coverage on Donald Trump

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A Bit of Hillary Clinton on Civility

Hillary Clinton claims no civility with opponents until Democrats regain power


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