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Greg Gutfeld on Politics

For those who can stare into the cacotopic cyber crystal ball and see what is in store for Obama’s America, witness the Mo-Town Owe-Town Fugue.

Peeps Awaiting a Confectionary Resurrection

As the Easter Octave has come to an end, and most of our baskets are empty from the confectionary delights which celebrated the Feast of the Resurrection.   So it may be a good time to highlight the winner of the Washington Post’s seventh Peep Diorama competition.

Leslie Brown and Lani Hoza of Charlottesville, Virginia cooked up a tongue in cheek memorial  for the loss of a beloved mass market treat:  “Peeps mourn their Peeps: Twinkie Rest In Peace”.

This dirgeful diorama also honors other tasty treats involved in the union killing of Hostess in November 2013.

It is unclear what relation the Peeps were to Twinkie the Kid.

But in the spirit of Eastertide–the Twinkie will also be resurrected.  Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co. bought the rights for Twinkies for $410 million.  Dean Metropoulos is  renowned for repositioning tired brands like Pabst Blue Ribbon.  The problem with Hostess is that the bankruptcy wiped out Twinkie manufacturing and distribution.  They promise that the Twinkies and other snacks will return to store shelves by the summer 2013.

Until then, we can appreciate the Peeps diorama.  After all, if one hasn’t consumed a Peep for a day, it is so stale that it will seemingly  last forever like  Twinkie, so it well suited for diorama art.

h/t:  Washington Post

David Letterman on Icing the NHL Lockout

“The resolution to the NHL Lockout was so long in coming, they had started letting the ‘Disney On Ice‘ skaters fight.” 
~ David Letterman

Righteous Bumper Stickers

It seems only fitting that unions are still trying to drive an Edsel in a 21st Century economy.

If you wonder why they are so one sided and wrong, read Evan Sayet’s The KinderGarden of Eden– How the Modern Liberal Thinks And Why He’s Convinced That Ignorance Is Bliss.

h/t: Michael Ramirez

Obama’s Marching Shoes

Does President Obama  need a good pair of marching shoes to live up to his promises to support unions on the picket lines or should he  just change to flip flops?

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Mickey Mouse Creeping Sharia Lawsuit

Imane Boudlal was fired as a hostess at Disneyland’s Grand Californian hotel Storyteller’s restaurant. The now 28 year old Ms. Boudlal, a Moroccan born Muslim who is an American citizen had worked at Disneyland for two years when she began wearing her hijab (head scarf) to work. After waiting two years now Ms. Boudlal is filing a discrimination lawsuit against Disney.


If only it were that simple to condemn the “Happiest Place on Earth”. But there is more to the story and some might conclude that the ACLU is concocting a cacotopian fairy tale.

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Getting Schooled on Municipal Cost Cutting

The Garfield Heights, Ohio schools made news by making austere reductions in educational programs as well as shortening the academic day due to another failed levy in November. As a result, all special subjects have been cut, such as art, music, physical education, and the library. Moreover the school day has been shortened by 30 minutes. Furthermore, hot lunches have been cancelled. In fact,students who qualify for school lunches were given brown bag meals of baloney sandwiches, an apple and a pickle.

Whenever big government bureaucrats are stymied at growing their budgets through the ballot box, the vulnerable are used as public pawns to rally the public to get their way. Administrators will tug at citizens heart strings, threatening women and children and push the most dramatic cuts instead of administrative or procedural reforms.

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Grope You Have a TSA X-Mas (sic)

Occupy Movement–Can You Hear Me Now?

Last night as the Occupy Wall Street Movement marked its two months of street theater in lower Manhattan (and other locales). Along with the  provocative unpermitted marches on the New York Stock Exchange, there was also an outdoor movie on the Verizon Building.

Showing the triumphant Occupy agitprop on the Verizon Building was no random act.  The 45,000  Communication Workers of America workers walked off their jobs at Verizon for 18 days in August but settled for essentially the same terms as before the strike.  So the CWA could show their solidarity with the Occupy Movement by projecting their support on their employer “oppressor”’s building.


h/t Photo AmyMcLinn