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Jeb Bush on John Boehner

Jeb Bush on John Boehner

Chris Christie Vows to Smoke State Scofflaws on Federal Supremacy

Chris Christie on Federal Supremacy

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made headlines for pithily reiterating his intention to enforce federal laws regarding marijuana. This barb uttered on the hustings in New Hampshire echoes prior pronouncements about respecting federal supremacy on drug laws, though Christie also wants to encourage rehab for non-violent offenders.

Some pundits wonder about alienating the “Rocky Mountain High” vote in places like Colorado and Washington with legalized recreational marijuana.  But such cynical campaign critics fail to appreciate the importance of the rule of law to the Republican party base.  Moreover, such a staunch stance for law and order reinforces Christie’s tough New Jersey persona as well as reminds voters that Christie got his start in public service by being appointed United States Attorney by President George W. Bush in 2002.

Senator Ted Cruz on “The 11th Commandment”

Senator Ted Cruz on the 11th Commandment


Susan Rice on the Iran Nuke Deal

Susan Rice on the Iran Nuke Deal

Mia Love on the Iran Nuke Deal

Mia Love on the Iran Nuke Deal



Robert Oppenheimer on Trinity

Robert Oppenheimer on Trinity

Robert Oppenheimer, the American theoretical physicist from the University of California at Berkeley, headed the Manhattan Project since 1942 thus he was dubbed “the Father of the Nuclear Bomb” or Doctor Atomic.

The Manhattan project moved from New York City to Los Alamos, New Mexico in order to maintain great secrecy for the American World War II effort. Eventually, the remote, desert like compound grew to more than 6,000 people.  No one was sure what would happen when testing “the bomb”.  Some worried that the detonation would light off the atmosphere.  But o July 16th, 1945, the Manhattan Project achieved a success with the detonation of the first nuclear bomb near Alamagordo, New Mexico (code named “Trinity”).

When reflecting upon the successful explosion of the Trinity bomb, Oppenheimer mused that he thought of a Hindu verse from the Bhagavad Gita: “Now I become death, the destroyer of worlds.” Oppenheimer may have internally mused that verse, but Oppenheimer’s brother was an eyewitness to Doctor Atomic’s reaction, and all he said was “It worked.” Brigadier General Thomas Farrell was also an eyewitness to Oppenheimer’s reaction in the Trinity control bunker, and Farrell observed:

Dr. Oppenheimer, on whom had rested a very heavy burden, grew tenser as the last seconds ticked off. He scarcely breathed. He held on to a post to steady himself. For the last few seconds, he stared directly ahead and then when the announcer shouted “Now!” and there came this tremendous burst of light followed shortly thereafter by the deep growling roar of the explosion, his face relaxed into an expression of tremendous relief.

This was the only bomb that the Manhattan Project possessed.  However, within three weeks, two atomic bombs were ready for use in the Pacific theater to try to obtain unconditional surrender from the Japanese.

In 2005, composer John Adams premiered an opera “Doctor Atomic”  with the San Francisco Opera in which  much of the libretto was based on declassified American government documents about the Manhattan Project.





Donald Trump on the Silent Majority

Donald Trump on the Silent Majority

Hillary Clinton and Borders

Greg Gutfeld on Hillary Clinton and Borders



Archpriest Victor Patapov on Same Sex Marriage

Russian Orthodox Archpriest Victor Patapov on Same Sex Marriage


h/t: WND

Barack Obama on the Threat of Violent Extremism

Barack Obama on Violent Extremism

President Barack Obama met with leaders of CENTCOM and AFRICOM at the Pentagon prior to their appearances on Capitol Hill regarding a strategy to combat ISIS.   While the Obama Administration still has not detailed a plan to defeat ISIS/ISIL/DAESH, but the so called Leader of the Free World still had some thoughts on the threat of violent extremism.


So apparently, one whackadoodle who killed nine churchgoers in Charleston provides cover of equivocation for the numerous attacks inspired by proclaimed adherents of “The Religion of Peace” (or Pieces).

Surely, Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin should have realized that it was better ideas and not force which defeats ideologies.

Can we solve the puzzle now Pat or must we wait until November, 2016?

h/t: Rick McKee


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