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Ronald Reagan on the Government

Ronald Reagan on the Government

Jordanian King Abdullah on ISIS

Jordanian King Abdullah on ISIS

Contrast the clear statement which the King of Jordan made about the barbarically brutal burning of their  prisoner of war with the convoluted comment made by President Barack Obama.


Jordan has promised a swift, “earth-shaking” response to ISIS immolating their hostage.  No doubt that “the leader of the free world” will be happy to lead from behind providing logistics and support to an effort to eradicate this inhumane organization.

Some Scrutinizing Sonia Sotomayor on Judical Activism

Sonia Sotomayor on Judicial Activism



Sotomayor’s pithy quip raises questions about her judicial philosophy.

While the “Wise Latina” has occasionally uttered allegiance the rule of law and that the role of a judge is not to make the law but to apply it, Sotomayor sometimes seems content to include herself in the process.


But does a consciousness on being a role model make for a sort of judicial activism which inserts the self into a rendering of justice?


Justice Sotomayor has even reached out to the crumb chasers  with her appearance  on Sesame Street in which the dialogue sounded as leaden as the cafecita.


While the baby talk explanation of what her job is works for the kinder care sect, one wonders if it reveals a fundamental misunderstanding of Justice Sotomayor’s role on the Supreme Court.


No wonder Justice Sotomayor does not believe in judicial activism as it seems like the root of her judicial philosophy with a veneer of the rule of law and the spiff of class conscious inspiration.


John McCain on Code Pink

The Senate Armed Services Committee was preparing to hear testimony from three super-annuated former Secretaries of State when the proceeding was rudely disrupted by Code Pink.  The self proclaimed “peace and social justice” NGO dedicated to protest all US wars through obnoxious grandstanding sought to make a citizens arrest of 91 year old Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger was President Richard Nixon’s (and later President Gerald Ford’s) National Security Adviser and Secretary of State .


It does not seem like the Capitol Police were prepared for the street theater in Senate hearing rooms, as the pink protesters were at first escorted to the back of the room.  When they continued to agitate, Chairman John McCain decried their lack of decorum and bid a rude adieu to the ideologically addled agitators. The Chairman’s ire might have been aided by his memory of spending five and a half years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War. 
What was truly outstanding was former Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz’s response to the ruckus.  The 94 year old diplomat stood up to confront Code Pink and then declared:  “I salute Henry Kissinger for his many
contributions to peace and security.” This led to a standing ovation which drown out the progressive protesters. 
It was curious that Code Pink wanted to refight the Vietnam war nearly 40 years after the fall of Saigon.  If they wanted to confront a Secretary of State present with a more recent war record, they could have gone after Clinton’s second Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who was at the helm at Foggy Bottom during the NATO bombings in Serbia during the Spring of 1999.  
Ironically, Code Pink staged this protest the same day the secret tapes of Congressmen and the Pentagon communicating with Libyan officials in order to  sidestep the warmongering strategy  of  Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who led America into what was deemed  an unnecessary war in Libya.  Was that really practicing “Smart Power”
But progressives have different rules for Democrats and it is dubious if these anti-war agitators would challenge their comrades. 


Some of Huckabee POTUS DREAM-ing

Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) has been making the media rounds purportedly to publicize his new book “Gods, Guns, Grits and Gravy” (2015).  However, the PR campaign is laying a predicate for an all but announced run for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016.
During an appearance  on “Meet the Press”, Gov. Huckabee exclaimed: “You don’t punish a child for something his parents did,” regarding the children of illegal immigrants (a.k.a. DREAM Act kids).
But when Gov. Huckabee addressed a crowd of Christian conservatives in Richmond, Virginia, he Gov. Huckabee tried to temper these sympathetic sentiments towards DREAMers with some red meat for borders, language and culture.


Those clarifying comments sound sweet to conservatives, but to put it in homespun terms, isn’t this after the barn door has already opened.
Punctuating  his immigration opinions before the Family Foundation, Governor Huckabee proclaimed:  “If that bothers you to the point that you’d say, ‘I’d never vote for you,’ then you’re never going to vote for
me, because that’s something on which I will not recant. Gov. Huckabee’s unequivocal utterance may be prophetic, considering the anti-immigration ardor in Iowa today.

Some of Bobby Jindal and Smart Power

Bobby Jindal on Smart Power


Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) traveled to London England to address the Henry Jackson Society.  This British think tank, named after the anticommunist defense hawk Sen. “Scoop” Jackson (D-WA), is dedicated to support a strong military and a “forward strategy” (involving diplomacy, culture, economics and politics) to make the world safe for modern liberal democracies.


Jindal chose to focus his remarks on the dangers of political Islamism both in global hot zones as well as within Western democracies.

Jindal alluded to no go zones in Europe.  After the speech, Jindal was pressed by a CNN reporter to name a No Go zone in London, the presumed Republican presidential hopeful refused to give specifics.

So instead of concentrating on the substance of the speech, a politically correct media inclined to destroy any rivals to the second coming of the Clintons to the Oval Office, played a media game of Gotcha’.


Jindal sought to properly define “Smart Power” to pursue American political and economic security.  But since the two term Louisiana Governor is considered in the hunt for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, the Lamestream Media will use political language to shape the race as they will.


Some of Al Sharpton on the Academy Awards

In reaction to the 2015 Academy Awards nominations which did not include a black actor among the twenty top nominations, Al Sharpton pulled the race card.  

 It seems that Sharpton has been bitten by the show business bug and can’t stop trying to steal the lime-lights, even for the Academy Awards ceremony.
Normally, when self appointed racial justice leaders protest, they settle the problem by enriching themselves without “solving” the problem.  There is still time to implement a simple solution.  Now Al Sharpton could host the Academy Awards…


Some of Why The Simpsons Are Animated Ambassadors of Free Speech

The Simpsons-- Animated Ambassadors of Free Speech 

 Five days after the horrific massacre in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo by radical Islamist terrorists, the Simpsons showed a short tribute to support free speech.

Maggie Simpsons flag waving was a homage to the iconic painting Liberty Leading the People (1830) by Eugene Delacroix along with the social media meme #JeSuisCharlie (I am Charlie). Or perhaps the pose was inspired by Cosette in Les Miserables.


The Simpsons Je Suis Charlie

Even after 26 seasons on American television with nearly 550 episodes, the Simpsons shows that it has the pulse on what animates the public.



Some of Why Duke Ditched the Muslim Call to Prayer

Duke University announced that the Muslim Call to Prayer would be broadcast every Friday at 1PM. This was being done to promote religious pluralism for the 700 Muslim students on campus.
 Off-campus, however, reaction to this news was swift and condemnatory.  The Reverend Franklin Graham took to social media to express disapproval of Duke’s decision. 

The day after the Duke Call To Prayer idea was shared with the world, Duke University backtracked on the decision. Michael Schoenfeld, Duke’s Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations, stated:

“Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and
welcoming campus for all of its students. However, it was clear that what was conceived
as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect.”

It may not have just been Franklin Graham’s moral suasion which won the battle for the bell tower. Franklin Graham’s initial Facebook post suggested that alumni and donors ought to withhold support until the decision was reversed.
After University officials opted  against amplifying the adan, Rev. Graham posted his support for Duke’s decision.
We in the west seem like we are metaphobes who are incapable of appreciating the significance of symbolism or the political impact of Islam.  They fail to consider that Islam is a holistic system which incorporates law, governance as well as spirituality.
Radicalized Islamists seek to impose sharia law through cultural jihad.  France is grappling with a suspicion the political correctness coupled with Islamic accommodations is creating an Islamicized France. While the majority of North American Muslims seem content to live in a secular society with a pluralistic polity, it is easy to understand why some are chary about allowing accommodations which can be seen as a primus entre pares situation.


The Islamization of France?

Soren Kern on the Islamization of France

The idea of the Islamization of France is not a new one.  The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has been covering the sensitive subject for a couple of years, as is seen in their report about Generation Identity protests against ’68ers (street protesters in May, 1968) who are allowing the Islamization of France.

But the Islamist jihadist Parish shootings at Charlie Hebdo as well as the Kosher grocery store highlights the cultural clash as well as homegrown terrorists who feel isolated from mainstream French values.


Soren Kern of the Gatestone Institute had a sobering chronology of the tensions created in the gradual Islamization of France.

It is estimated that 10% of the French population are Muslim (about 6.5 million of the total population of 66 million), but the government can not say with certainly since French is mandated to be secular.  Nonetheless, until the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the French government have implemented politically correct accommodations their Muslim residents and citizens.  The most notable of these practices are 750 “No Go Zones”, which are euphemistically called “zones urbanes sensibles” where French gendarmes dare not go and sharia law reigns.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls commented that there is a war being waged by Islamist Jihadists which threatens western values.

How the world reacts to these outrageous atrocities will determine if the West will retain its values of freedom and religious pluralism or if we will cower into de facto dhimmitude.


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