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John Cleese on Political Correctness

John Cleese on Political Correctness


Phil Connors on Groundhogs Day

Phil Connors on Groundhogs Day

Donald Trump on Being Angry

Donald Trump at GOP Debate on being angry

Frank Borman’s Christmas Eve Prayer

Apollo 8' astronaut Frank Borman's Christmas Eve Prayer


Thee NASA astronauts circled the Moon in December 1968 on a mission to prepare for the first human landing on the Moon the next year.  When transmitting to Mission Control in Houston, Frank Borman gave a Christmas Eve prayer which might scandalize avowed atheists or today’s adherents to the creed of political correctness.

John Boehner on Catholic Guilt

Ex Speaker John Boehner on Catholic Guilt

It is dubious whether Boehner’s pile of Catholic guilt was the deciding factor in new House Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s decision making but the State of the Union episode illustrates the Ignatian admonition about discerning good and bad spirits. Manipulating someone in order to escape a hard fate certainly seems like some bad spirits. 

Groucho Marx on Kansas CIty

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for winning their first World Series in 30 years in decisive fashion in five games against the New York Mets. 


As an inveterate New Yorker from birth, it is likely that Groucho would mark the Royal victory with a Bronx cheer for K.C.


Fr. Tom Reese on the Challenges at the Synod of the Family

Fr. Tom Reese on the Challenges at the Synod of the Family


The gradulalist penitential path for divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion was proffered by Cardinal Walter Kasper, the 82 year old President Emeritus of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity.



At the beginning of his Pontificate, Pope Francis opined that Cardinal Kasper was a superb theologian, for ideas that were contained in “The Gospel of the Family” (2014).

Jeb Bush on Big Boy Pants

Jeb Bush on Big Boy Pants

Joe Biden on Abortion

Joe Biden on Abortoin


So Natural Law is applicable only to those who intellectually adhere to it.  This sort of compartmentalization is common place among liberal Catholic politicians.  But if Vice President Biden is bidding to appeal to real Catholics in a proto-Presidential campaign, he has some soulful promises to keep.

R.I.P. Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra on Funerals


Yogi Berra, renowned major league baseball player and master of malapropisms, died on September 22, 2015 the age of 90. Notwithstanding his waggish wisdom about funerals, assuredly Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was not forgotten as his kith and kin marked his departure from the mortal coil.


Yogi Berra funeral