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A Bit on Maxine Waters and the Financial Services Committee

Andrew Wilkow analogizes new Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters as Karl Marx in a dress


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Scott Adams on Nationalism

Scott Adams on Nationalism

A Bit on Rush Limbaugh and Democrat’s Loco- Motives (sic)

Rush Limbaugh on Democrats being the party of psychological disorders

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Some of Orrin Hatch on the Three Ring Fecal Festival Called the Kavanaugh Hearings

Senator Orrin Hatch blames Dianne Feinstein for the Three Ring Fecal Festival called the Kavanaugh Controversy


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Fulton Sheen on the Zeitgeist

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen on Bigotry and Broadmindedness

G.K. Chesterton on Open Minds

G.K. Chesterton on Open Minds

Chuck Todd on Nutty Conspiracy Theories

Chuck Todd on Nutty Conspiracy Theories

A Bit of Mitch McConnell on Good Democrat Smears

Mitch McConnell on Good Democrat Smears on Brett Kavanaugh

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Mitch McConnell on the Senate Majority Leader

Senator Mitch McConnel on Being Senate Majority Leader

Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Ex RNC Chair Michael Steele on the Trump Circus