Jimmy Kimmel on Talk Show Hosts

Jimmy Kimmel on why talk show hosts are liberals


A Bit on Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel on the Florida School Shooting

Broward County Scott Israel on the Florida School Shooting

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Some of Devin Nunes on the Media

House Inteilligence Chair Devin Nunes notes that FISA-gate shows that the media is dead

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A Bit of Thomas Merton on Spiritual Union

Thomas Merton on Spiritual Union


A Bit of Ben Shapiro on Political Correctness

Ben Shapiro notes the death of Political Correctness at CPAC 2018

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A Bit of Oprah Winfrey on Racism

Oprah Winfrey on Racism

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A Bit on Celebrating the Chair of St. Peter

Pope Benedict XVI on celebrating the Chair of St. Peter


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A Bit on the Death of Billy Graham

On the Death of Billy Graham


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Zachary Taylor on the Presidency

President Zachary Taylor on the Presidency

Some of Clarence Thomas on Vicitim Culture

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas on Victim Culture

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