A Bit on Katy Tur and the Constitution

Katy Tur on the Constitution


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A Bit on Tomi Lahren About Judicial Activism

Fox News Commentator Tomi Lahren likens reversing Roe v. Wade to conservatives spitting on the Constitution

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Terry McAulliffe on the Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Prospective Democrat Presidential candidate Terry McAulliffe on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination

President Donald Trump on Vetting SCOTUS Nominees

President Donald Trump on vetting Supreme Court nominees

Antonin Scalia on the Constitution

Ex Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on the Constitution

Clarence Thomas on Universal Injunctions

Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas on Universal Injunctions

Neil Gorsuch on Limited Government

Associate Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch on Limited Government

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court

The Old Grey Lady on the Ossified House Democrat Leadership

Excerpt of New York Times editorial criticizing ossified House Democrat leadership

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Winston Churchill on Socialism

Winston Churchill on Socialism