St. John Bosco on Trust

St. John Bosco on Trust


Some of Rex Tillerson on Being Trump’s Secretary of State

Rex Tillerson on Being Trump's Secretary of State

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Stephen Wright on Stealing

Stephen Wright on plagiarism

A Bit of Rich Lowry on Secretary of State Tillerson

Rich Lowry on Trump Secretary of State Charles Sprugeon

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Immanuel Kant on Wisdom

Immanuel Kant on Wisdom

A Bit of How the Vegas Shooting Inspires Faith

The Las Vegas Massacre inspires faith in God by shooting victim


Some of St. Francis on the Works of God

St. Francis Assisi on the Works of God

Stephen Hawkings on Adversity

Stephen Hawking on Adversity

R.I.P. Tom Petty

Tom Petty on Life

A Bit of Pope Francis on Guardian Angels

Pope Francis on Guardian Angels