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Two New Tigers Citizens

Two Detroit Tigers become naturalized citizens at Comerica Park


Phyllis Schlafly on Baseball

Phyllis Schlafly on Baseball


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Groucho Marx on Kansas CIty

Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals for winning their first World Series in 30 years in decisive fashion in five games against the New York Mets. 


As an inveterate New Yorker from birth, it is likely that Groucho would mark the Royal victory with a Bronx cheer for K.C.


R.I.P. Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra on Funerals


Yogi Berra, renowned major league baseball player and master of malapropisms, died on September 22, 2015 the age of 90. Notwithstanding his waggish wisdom about funerals, assuredly Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra was not forgotten as his kith and kin marked his departure from the mortal coil.


Yogi Berra funeral



Yogi Berra on Direction

Yogi Berra on Direction

Roger Craig on Opening Day

Roger Craig on Opening Day

Bart Giamatti on Baseball

Bart Giamatti on Baseball

George Bernard Shaw on Baseball

George Bernard Shaw on Baseball

A Bit on How Jose Canseco Gave The Finger to the Public

Jose Canseco, the controversial former American League slugger, once again has created headlines.  Last month, the 50 year old Canseco shot his middle finger off as he was cleaning his 45 caliber Remington. Canseco appeared emotional over the accident in an interview with Inside Edition.

Canseco had the digit surgically re-attached. But during a poker tournament, Canseco’s finger fell off as he was tossing his cards on the table.   Rather than wallow in tragedy, Canseco adopted a farcical entrepreneurial tact.

Canseco took to Twitter to auction off his severed middle finger along with the firearm.  Of course, E-Bay does not allow auctions of firearms or body parts, but Canseco’s auction offering is telling.



Ralph Nader on “Three Strikes and You’re Out”

Ralph Nader on Politics