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Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill

Senator Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill


A Bit of Rand Paul on the GOP Spending Bill

Senator Rand Paul on GOP Metanoia on Government Spending

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A Bit on Robert De Niro on Government Funding for the Arts

Robert De Niro on Government Funding for the Arts


Boehner: Senate Democrats Must “Get off Their Asses”

Speaker John Boehner on Senate Democrat Obstructionism

Over the last four years, Republicans have been painted as obstructionists as House bills have been passed and died in the Democrat controlled Senate because Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as Senate Majority Leader did not want votes which would embarrass the President and force a veto.  In the six years of the Obama Administration, the Senate only passed a budget from regular orders once, the rest being Continuing Resolutions.

In the 113th Congress, the House passed a budget early in the cycle, but which contained a rider which prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from expending funds from the Obama Administration’s extra legal Executive Amnesty program.  Senate Democrats refuse to allow debate on the budget, much less block a final vote, as they hope to pressure the Republican Majority to cave in order to avoid an entire shutdown of DHS at the end of February .  Of course, most of DHS are essential workers so a hypothetical shutdown would just involve 33,000 administrative workers.

Judging from the tough talk from Speaker Boehner, the House majority won’t back down. But the Lamestream Media will still find a way to frame Republicans as being dangerous obstructionists.


The Real Stinkburger Blue Plate Special

As the former deadline for signing up for Obamacare passed on March 31st and the White House could claim that 7.2 million Americans started applications on, the Obama Administration sought to celebrate. The Obama White House requested a prime-time slot slot to trumpet this achievement, but were roundly rejected by the television networks.  It is surprising that the lackey Lamestream Media did not consider this Obamacare announcement to be, in the words our national treasure Vice President Joe Biden, “a big f***ing deal.”  So President Obama shared the news of supposedly achieving the magic markStill, President Obama was feeling full of himself when speaking the next day before students at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. After giving kudos to himself for the Obamacare achievement, Mr. Obama went on to characterize House Budget Chairman Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st) ten year budget as a “stinkburger”.

What a way to win friends and influence people! President Obama is such a leader that he can denigrate and punish his political enemies in a charming slight.  Hope that he does not need opposition support to legally enact any legislative initiatives during the remainder of his term.

However, when the golden propaganda is not laden on the serving of public policy, it calls into question what really is the stinkburger.

For example, the Obama Administration is content that 7.2 million people enrolled in Obamacare. But there are two problems with relying upon those statistics.  Simply because one started an application does not mean that one will enroll.  This is why the deadline has been extra-legally pushed backto April 15th if you say that you tried signing up before March 31st.  How apt!

Yet one is not actually enrolled until your first month’s premium is cashed and 20% of those supposedly signed up are eloping from their efforts at   Then there is the nasty reality coming from a Rand Corporation report that only 23% of Obamacare enrollees previously had no insurance (or 858,298 people).   Moreover, only 53% of previously uninsured individuals have paid for their insurance.

The real question are ratios of Obamacare signees, about which the Obama Administration is less than forthcoming, unlike the website log-ins.  As of January, only 24% of Obamacare enrollees were “young invincibles” between the age 26-34, well below the 40% considered necessary to make the system initially sustainable.  There is also a question about Medicare sign ups, who will receive heavily subsidized coverage.  In the first month of Obamacare open enrollment, 10% of the enrollees were Medicare clients. 

These ratio questions will be of paramount importance as insurance premiums for the second year are calculated.  If there are too many heavily subsidized participants, or not enough young invincibles to compensate for older Obamacare enrollees who need more costly medical care, then insurance rates will skyrocket.  However, the Obama Administration has given itself a delay in reporting 2015 premium increases until after the mid-term elections.  Is this a coincidence or more politically convenient?

Radio personality Chris Salcedo has long resorted to calling Resident Obama’s (sic) Obamacare initiative as a crap sandwich.  After the gild of Obamacare propaganda is picked away, there is little doubt who is serving up the real stinkburger.

h/t: A.F. Branco

Rep. Paul Ryan on Ideas

House Budget Committee Chairman Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st) was one of the initial speakers at CPAC 2014.  Ryan’s restrained rhetorical style along with his general remarks did not fire up the crowd as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) with their early morning speeches.  However, Rep. Ryan did have one well wrought out zinger which illustrated his overall point

The House Budget Chairman quipped that:  “Right now, the U.S. tax code is ten times longer than the Bible with none of the Good News.”  It was a great line to try to soft pitch House Ways and Means Chairman Representative Dave Camp’s (R-MI 10th) controversial tax reform over-hall plan.  Regardless of how one feels about the particulars on the policies, it is aimed at cutting away bureaucratic red tape and allowing taxpayers to keep more of their own money.

But instead of debating how a Big Brother bureaucracy is burdening Americans and forcing a Statist will upon individuals, much of the media nit-picked as the chain of knowledge for the source on his “brown bag lunch story.” The Left’s tizzy tactics illustrates Ryan’s point that the left is out of ideas and would rather demonize their opponents instead of engaging in debate.

By virtue of his position as House Chairman, Representative Ryan is part of GOP House Leadership.  But his bold budget plans do not show a Cocktail Party complacency which plagues many GOP elites.  Based on the tepid applause at CPAC 2014 as well as his eighth place finish (with 3%) in the CPAC Straw Poll, Ryan can not count on the conservative base for support in a prospective Presidential run this cycle.
That being said, Rep. Ryan is a respected representative who can bolster the notion that Conservatives are the ones with ideas, and perhaps actuate that with Republican majorities in Congress.

What Does It Mean to Be GOP?

After Republicans succumbed to the bipartisan siren song in the joint budget by House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI 1st) and Senate Budget Committee Chair Senator Patty Murray (D-WA),  Tea Party types and the Conservative base is flummoxed.  The measure passed   332-94 in the House and 67-43 in the Senate.

The first real budget that has been passed by Congress during the Obama Administration also promised to not cause another government shutdown.  However, this two year budget came at a cost of surrendering all real Sequestration savings which were won in August 2011 for fictional accounting rounding errors in a decade.  It also took away a tool from the Senate minority of requiring cloture votes for future budgetary increases.  In addition, it raised outlays by government employees and beneficiaries such as combat veterans for health care.  But there were no government programs cut. Yet despite the modest budget proposal, House Speaker John Boehner attacks conservatives and cries “Are you kidding me?” when questioned if he could have gotten a better deal.

This Pyrrhic political by the GOP calls to mind what they really stand for.  Is the GOP in Washington dominated by the Cocktail Party, which goes along to get along and will not stand up against programs which they will campaign against during the general election?   Does the G.O.P. still stand for the Grand Old Party? Maybe it should mean Get an Orthopedic Procedure sometimes called spinal replacement therapy.

Obama White House Dog Run?

White House photograph Pete Sueza  snapped a telling shot of President Barack Obama running through a corridor of the White House with First Dog Bo.
Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA  49th) took a great verbal snap with this snapshot by combining this picture with  the controversy of the Obama Administration’s cancellation of White House tours supposedly due to Sequestration.    Issa’s commentary was “We’ve finally got he place to ourselves…” along with the caption  “Our Capitol doors are always open”.
On a related note, President Obama blamed the Secret Service on Wednesday for laying off personnel due to the sequester and he has hinted at the resumption of tours for student groups of the American People’s House.  


It should be noted that this statement comes after what ABC News’ George Stephanopolis characterized as “considerable heat” over the cancellations.  Several prominent people, including Fox News Channel anchor Eric Bolling along with real estate mogul and “The Apprentice” host Donald Trump had offered to write checks to continue the White House tours after the Sequester. 
It seems that the Obama Administration is shifting the heat, as there are current headlines that the sequestration’s “shoestring” budgeting (which is just cutting the rate of increase of the federal budget) will cancel the Fourth of July concert and fireworks on the National Mall.  At least this aggressive austerity does not indiscriminately release incarcerated illegal aliens.   And no Independence Day celebration would allow the Ellipse to be a gigantic dog run. Or a nearby golf course on Federal land.


Liberal Legislating Legerdemain

Tax Temptation

It may be sold as the Tree of Life, but that bitter fruit of taxes is actually the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Blaming the tempter won’t work either as the public will be made to remember the vow breaker not the insidious instigators.

Gorging on the fruit without having a disciplined diet (like spending cuts and a Senate approved budget) should get both banished from the garden but that is unlikely in the District of Calamity.

 h/t: Michael Ramirez