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Dennis Miller Riffs on House Leadership

Dennis Miller on Trump's take on Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi


Mitch McConnell on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

A Bit on Richard Blumenthal on Lying

Senator Richard Blumental on Lying


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Senator Tom Cotton on FBI Background Checks

Senator Tom Cotton on FBI Background Checks

A Bit of Mitch McConnell on Good Democrat Smears

Mitch McConnell on Good Democrat Smears on Brett Kavanaugh

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A Bit on Mitch McConnell on Democrats Invoking the Nuclear Option

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Democrats invoking the Nuclear Option for judicial nominations


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Buck Sexton on Trump Derangement Syndrome

Buck Sexton on Trump Derangement Syndrome

Some of President Trump on Immigration Legislation

President Trump Warns GOP to postpone Immigration legislation until Red Wave in November elections due to Democrat intransigence


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James Kallstrom on FBI Leadership

Ex FBI Assist. Dir. James Kallstrom on FBI Leadership

Hillary Clinton on Politics

Hillary Clinton still regrets mistakes from the 2016 Presidential election