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A Bit on “Young Turk” Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Young Turk Rashida Tlaib is ready to rumble in the Houe

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Some of President Trump on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

President Donald Trump on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

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Mitt Romney on Kathy Griffin’s Incivility

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Temperament

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Temperament

Paul Ryan on Rallies and Responsibility

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Ben Shapiro on Self Identity

Zoey Tur physically bullies Ben Shapiro for saying "Sir"


George Pataki on Civility and Campaigning

George Pataki on Bruce "Call Me Caitlin" Jenner


What a way for a Republican Presidential candidate like former Governor George Pataki (R-NY)  to attract attention, by criticizing former Governor Mike Huckabee’s (R-AR) snarky cultural comment and allying with a celebrity celebrating his/her transgender metamorphosis.

Somehow, this seems even less likely to score with the Republican base than Senator Rand Paul implying that the GOP was responsible for ISIS.

While Huckabee’s flippant comment may mock, it does so to bolster a broader theme about defending traditional values, offers a reductio ad absurdum over the California transgender bathroom choice law and shows a sense of humor.  Pataki’s comments seem steeped in political correctness, play upon celebutard worship and seem desperate for attention.

Vice President Biden’s Gaffes– “A Big F’ing Deal” or “Joe Being Joe”?

When speaking before the Legal Services Corporation, Vice President Joe Biden referred to “Shylock” lawyers who pressed foreclosures while soldiers were serving overseas.


From a political perspective, this was a prudent position for a prospective Democrat nominee for President in 2016. “Lunch Bucket Joe” bolstered his middle class credentials while taking a class warfare tact and aligning himself with patriots serving in the military.  Unfortunately Biden’s ham-handed execution of this campaign “strategerie” was insulting to a key Democrat minority, showed an insensitivity and underlined a tendency to be gaffe prone.
Mr. Biden referred to some lawyers as “Shylocks”.  This colorful language was offensive to Jewish voters, who are key Democrat voting bloc and reliable campaign contributors.
As Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman noted: “Shylock represents the medieval stereotype about Jews and remains an
offensive characterization to this day. The Vice President should have
been more careful.”  Surely, if a Republican or a Conservative would have uttered such an epithet, such a politico would not receive such a mild chiding and the news of the gaffe would lead the headlines in the Lamestream Media.
Conventional wisdom holds that former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton (R-NY) is the putative  Democrat nominee for the 2016 Presidential election.  But Ms. Clinton’s support may be a mile wide and an inch deep. But if bad news sticks on Hillary, such as the accusation that former Secretary of State Clinton’s staff was complicit in scrubbing Foggy Bottom documents on Benghazi “to protect the seventh floor”, suddenly opt to spend more time with her grandchild. That would make Vice President Joe Biden the default front runner.
 Political junkies are well acquainted with Biden’s tendency to bloviate and be gaffe prone, as when he told “Barack” at the announcement of Obamacare that: “This is a big f**king deal”.  Being Vice President may not make you a lock to win the Oval Office, but it certainly gives advantages to gaining a party nomination.  However, other Democrat candidates would likely to use Biden’s verbal gaffes as the chink in the armor to take down the leader of the pack.  If Vice President Biden has not locked down the informal media caucus, gaffes may be reported in the future more as a “Big f’ing deal” rather than “Joe being Joe.”
h/t: HotAir
      Jeff Koterba

Tim Scott on Civic and Civility

The so called Reverend William Barber II, a member of the NAACP Board of Directors, recently ignited a firestorm when Barber recognized Martin Luther King Day by pronouncing Senator Tim Scott as a puppet of the Republican Party.  Barber’s exact barb was:   “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy.”

The right Reverend feels wronged that the first black Senator since Reconstruction articulates a Tea Party agenda.    Perhaps Barber forgot about Senator Edward Brooke (R-MA), Senator Carol Mosely Braun (D-IL), Senator Roland Burris (D-IL), now Senator Mo Cowan (D-MA) and Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ).  And of course there was Senator Barack Obama (D-IL).  But to be charitable, perhaps Rev. Barber was referring to the South.

None the less, it is fascinating that Barber has the expectation both of group think for Blacks.  Moreover, it shows the hypocrisy of the NAACP as a civil rights organization which it disses an African American who has achieved high office because he does not articulate liberal Democrat policy positions.

Furthermore, Barber uses insulting imagery to demean his bete noir.  No wonder Thomas Sowell quipped that he was so old that he remembers when most of the people promoting racial hatred were white.  When Barber rhetorically excoriated Senator Scott, Barber intimates that only Whites are part of the Tea Party and clearly he thinks ill of them.

When Rev. Barber was given a chance to walk back his tough talk on Senator Scott, he chose to play the prophet, for which he may profit in progressive political circles.  Wonder what happened to all of the Democrat’s push for civility in public discourse.  That’s right, it was a one way street.

While Barber may be a pastor at the Geenboro Christian Church Disciples of Christ Church, his uncharitable rhetoric and routed political thinking lends credence to having him lead the Church of the Poisoned Mind.  Of course, he would have to compete against the Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

The Sham of Senate Civility

After the attempted assassination of former Representative Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ 8th),
there were calls for civility in political discourse.  In the aftermath of the Tucson shooting,Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:

Being more mindful of the weight of our words always helps. We have
much more to gain than to lose from civility and discretion. …

Some may be inspired by the town halls of two Augusts ago. Others by
the heated election debates. Some may be motivated by the conversation that
started after Arizona. And many will seek more civility simply because it’s the
right thing to do. Whatever the reason, I hope the turn to more responsible
rhetoric is more than empty rhetoric. I intend to do my part.

But what Democrats really meant by civility seems to be to silence their ideological
opponents with the cudgel of civility via the Lamestream Media without moderating their raucous
rhetoric or correcting their faux pas. 
A recent example of this incongruity between rhetoric and reality was Senator Reid’s recent call for civil discourse on the Senate floor.  The Senate Democrat Majority Leader had
called House Speaker John Boehner a coward for not standing up to anarchists in his own party who Reid implied precipitated the Federal Government shutdown.   Reid also derided his
colleague Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) as the “very junior Senator from Texas”  who was acting as the “Joint House Speaker.”
Yet Senator Reid lectured the Senate about decorum:

“We all have to understand that these rules create a little bit of distance so senators are more likely to debate ideas and less likely to talk about personalities. And if we do that, we maintain a more civil decorum as a result. So I bring this matter to the attention of senators because we’ve
fallen out of this habit. It’s gotten worse the last month or so.”


To be fair, Senator Reid kind of apologized for his harsh words by intoning:  “Some recent stories have even suggested that the speaker is keeping the government shut down because I hurt his feelings. If that’s true, I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings.”  

So it’s OK to capture headlines and slander your opponents, and then give a tentative mea culpa “if I hurt your feelings”?  Where does someone go to get their reputation back?

Reid advocated not mentioning other Senators by their first names and addressing their colleagues in the third person.  This Senate Speak, a District of Calamity (sic) patois which Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has mastered  forces the speaker to call enemies “My
Friends” before rhetorically excoriating them.  No wonder why so many ordinary people are turned off by politics. 
Senator Cruz has been the target of Democrats derision in the Federal Government Shutdown
fight.  Cruz gave a short floor speech which exposed this Sham of Senate Civility to conceal political perfidy.

There has been a concerted effort in the Lamestream Media to discredit Ted Cruz as just advancing his own presidential ambitions by prominently fighting for defunding bamacare.  This scathing critique comes
from Democrats as well as Cocktail Party Republicans who understand the earnestness of Tea Party conservatives who threaten their cushy
situations.  Establishment Republicans
are content to go along to get along, cast symbolic votes which they can sell to their primary voters but do not mean anything.
While Cruz may leverage his prominence in the Shutdown fight for the 2016 Presidential race, he is also living up to his role to represent constituents who are fed up
with the status quo and the meaningless games politicos in Washington play rather
than fight for their ideals. Civilly telling the truth is a rarity between the beltways these days. 
It is beyond the pale of propriety to characterize Tea Party types like Senator Cruz as anarchists for standing up for the Constitution. But the hostility towards such honest oratory from Tea Party politicians is revealing.  
 In the face of totalitarian influences across the globe, George Orwell opined:  “The further a society drifts away from the truth,  the more it will hate those that speak it.”  In a similar vein, the author of 1984 also  wrote: “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” Maybe Senator Reid’s crie-de-coeur will be heard on the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, where outrageous Obama incivility now seems to be an everyday occurrence