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Thomas Jefferson on Debt

Thomas Jefferson on Debt


Bob Woodward’s Muckraking on Obama’s Lack of Leadership

Bob Woodward, one of the reporters who broke the Watergate crisis which brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon,  has not been bashful in offering unflattering analyses of Presidents.  Woodward’s latest opinions critique the lack of leadership that President Barack Obama is exhibiting regarding raising the national debt limit.  

But the Obama Administration’s intransigence on Obamacare seems equally applicable. 
At the District of Calamity (sic), there is no illusion that Woodward favors liberal politics.  In fact, Woodward’s comments endorsed President Obama standing firm on raising the debt ceiling.  However, Woodward’s comments on MSNBC notes the lack of leadership coming from the White House and facilitating talks with Congress to get the process moving along.
It is refreshing is that Woodward has not succumb to just acting like one of All the President’s Men (sic) in the lapdog Lamestream Media and advocates for honesty in governing, not hypocrisy. 
 In June, Woodward urged Mr. Obama to admit to “screw ups” regarding Benghazi, spying on journalists and the IRS playing politics.  Woodward observed that such a honest approach would mirror his transparency in admitting to the Daschle “screw up” in 2009. 
But instead, most of the the elite liberal media will continue to act as stenographers for a liberal White House with whom they generally agree. 
America is currently facing an alluvia of challenges.  There is a $17 trillion debt which continues to burgeon.  There is both resistance as well as significant difficulties implementing Obamacare, which assumes 1/6th of the American economy.  The Boston Bombing, Benghazi and the Kenyan Mall shooting shows a heightened terrorist threat.   It would be refreshing to not have an empty chair in the Oval Office, especially a seat which is vacant due to constant campaigning by the elected incumbent.