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A Bit of Donald Trump on the Boy Who Cried MAGA

President Donald Trump on Jussie Smollett - The Boy Who Cried MAGA

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A Bit on “Young Turk” Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Young Turk Rashida Tlaib is ready to rumble in the Houe

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A Bit of Larry King on the News

Larry King notes that CNN stopped doing news when it focus all coverage on Donald Trump

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Dennis Miller Riffs on House Leadership

Dennis Miller on Trump's take on Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi

Some of President Trump on the Kavanaugh Confirmation

President Donald Trump on the Kavanaugh Confirmation Circus

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Donald Trump on the Kavanaugh Controversy

Donald Trump on the Brett Kavanaugh Controversy

Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Ex RNC Chair Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Some of LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

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President Donald Trump on Vetting SCOTUS Nominees

President Donald Trump on vetting Supreme Court nominees

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court