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Michael Steele on the Trump Circus

Ex RNC Chair Michael Steele on the Trump Circus


Some of LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

LeBron James on the Politics of Sports

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President Donald Trump on Vetting SCOTUS Nominees

President Donald Trump on vetting Supreme Court nominees

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court

Dennis Miller on the Supreme Court

Some of President Trump on Harley Davidson

President Trump Threatens Harley Davidson with high taxes if it shifts production overseas to mitigate tariffs

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Some of President Trump on Immigration Legislation

President Trump Warns GOP to postpone Immigration legislation until Red Wave in November elections due to Democrat intransigence


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Some of Donny Deutsch on Voters

Donny Deutsch labels Trump voters as akin to Nazis at the border for not allowing effectively open borders

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Bob Corker on Politics

Senator Bob Corker rebukes President Trump's cult like status among fans

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit

Nate Silver on the Singapore Summit between President Trump and North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un

Some of Donald Trump’s Counterpunch to Robert De Niro

Donald Trump's counter punch to Robert De Niro's Raging Bull

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