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Terry McAulliffe on the Brett Kavanaugh Nomination

Prospective Democrat Presidential candidate Terry McAulliffe on the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination

Some of President Trump on Immigration Legislation

President Trump Warns GOP to postpone Immigration legislation until Red Wave in November elections due to Democrat intransigence


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Bob Corker on Politics

Senator Bob Corker rebukes President Trump's cult like status among fans

A Bit of John Boehner on the GOP

Ex Republican House Speaker John Boehner on the GOP


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John Brennan on Enabling Trump

Obama CIA Chief Spook John Brennan warns GOP Congressional Leaders to not enable President Trump

Some of Scott Walker on a Blue Wave

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Warns GOP of a Blue Wave

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Some of Rand Paul on the Problem with GOP Politics

Senator Rand Paul on the problem with Republican politics

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Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill

Senator Mike Lee on the Omnibus Spending Bill

A Bit of Rand Paul on the GOP Spending Bill

Senator Rand Paul on GOP Metanoia on Government Spending

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A Bit on Luis Gutierrez on Democrats’ Priorities

Luis Gutierrez on Democrats' Priorities on Same-Sex Marriage and Immigration

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