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Archbishop Charles Chaput on Military Service

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput on Military Service


Some of Bob Hope on Sacrifice

Bob Hope on Sacrifice



Dwight D. Eisenhower on War

President Dwight D. Eisenhower on War

Charles Madigan on St. Patrick’s Day

Charles Madigan on St. Patrick's Day

Jose Navosky on Soldiers

Jose Navosky on Soldiers

David Brooks on PTSD

David Brooks on PTSD

Winston Churchill on Peacekeepers

Winston Churchill on Peacekeepers

General George S. Patton on Fallen Soldiers

Gen. George S. Patton on Fallen Soldiers

Gary Sinise on Sacrifice

Along with his acting career, Gary Sinise has been a big booster of military and veterans’ causes.  Sinise combined his love of music with a beloved character from the film “Forest Gump” (1994) .  The Lt. Dan Band plays cover music concerts for the USO and charities like Operation Iraqi Child.



President Ronald Reagan on Heroes

Ronald Reagan on Heroes