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A Bit on Cardinal Raymond Burke and Inter-Religious Dialogue

Cardinal Raymond Burke Challenges Contemporary Religious Relativism on Islam




Imam Abu Tauban on Hillary Clinton and the Possibility of Female Presidents

Imam Abu Tauban Objects to Hillary Clinton and Female Presidents



Jonah Goldberg on Islamist Terrorism

Jonah Goldberg impeaches Obama on nexus of terrorism and Islamism

Pamela Geller on the Jihad in America

Pamela Geller on the Jihad in America

Marc Lamont Hill on Phoenix Free Speech Protest

Marc Lamont Hill calls Free Speech Demonstrators as Terrorists

Flemming Rose on Free Speech

Flemming Rose on Free Speech


Flemming Rose is the editor of the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, who created  controversy in 2005 by publishing cartoons of the prophet Mohammed which caused unrest worldwide amongst some offended Islamists.  Rose wrote a book recounting some of his concerns for free speech in Tyranny of Silence (2014) and summarized his thoughts about free speech in a globalized world during the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum.



Pamela Geller, the publisher of Atlas Shrugged blog, is revisiting this subject by sponsoring a “Draw the Prophet”  contest with a $10,000 prize to be awarded in Garland, Texas on May 3rd, 2015.

Flemming Rose’s fear of the tyranny of silence may be heightened in America by the FCC’s usurpation of the internet through Title II regulations said to address net neutrality issues, but may end up with a politically correct and highly regulated product which could be called “Obamanet”.



Bob Goodlatte on Islamic Radical Terrorism

Bob Goodlatte on Islamic Radical Terrorists

Some of Why Duke Ditched the Muslim Call to Prayer

Duke University announced that the Muslim Call to Prayer would be broadcast every Friday at 1PM. This was being done to promote religious pluralism for the 700 Muslim students on campus.
 Off-campus, however, reaction to this news was swift and condemnatory.  The Reverend Franklin Graham took to social media to express disapproval of Duke’s decision. 

The day after the Duke Call To Prayer idea was shared with the world, Duke University backtracked on the decision. Michael Schoenfeld, Duke’s Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations, stated:

“Duke remains committed to fostering an inclusive, tolerant and
welcoming campus for all of its students. However, it was clear that what was conceived
as an effort to unify was not having the intended effect.”

It may not have just been Franklin Graham’s moral suasion which won the battle for the bell tower. Franklin Graham’s initial Facebook post suggested that alumni and donors ought to withhold support until the decision was reversed.
After University officials opted  against amplifying the adan, Rev. Graham posted his support for Duke’s decision.
We in the west seem like we are metaphobes who are incapable of appreciating the significance of symbolism or the political impact of Islam.  They fail to consider that Islam is a holistic system which incorporates law, governance as well as spirituality.
Radicalized Islamists seek to impose sharia law through cultural jihad.  France is grappling with a suspicion the political correctness coupled with Islamic accommodations is creating an Islamicized France. While the majority of North American Muslims seem content to live in a secular society with a pluralistic polity, it is easy to understand why some are chary about allowing accommodations which can be seen as a primus entre pares situation.


Sajid Javid on Islamist Terrorism

British MP Sajid Javid on Islamist Terrorism

On the Lack of Religious Liberty in the Middle East

Sister Hatune Dogan is a Universal Syrian Orthodox nun who does field work through “A Helping Hand to the Poor” dedicated to aid persecuted Christians, especially in Syria and Iraq.


Sister Dogan has been outspoken not only in calling out Muslims for their religious intolerance but also for Western complicity in not helping persecuted Christians.  Sister Dogan’s perspective from living in Syria noted that 95% of what was reported in the West about the Free Syrian Army (from which ISIS sprang) was wrong.
At the Defense of Christians Inaugural Summit in September, Sister Hatune decried the mainstream media’s blindness to the slaughter, raping, ransoming, crucifying and killing of Christians in the Middle East.
Among the “thousands of stories” of Christian persecution, Sister Hatune recounted:

“I met an Iraqi girl, five-and-a-half-years maybe, and they kidnapped her.
I met her at seven-and-a-half-years. Until today, she [will not] say,
no one knows, what happened to her, because she was misused. They [were]
paid $30,000 dollars to release her. They released her, but under that
condition. I am sorry for her. That was the youngest girl that I met.
She was misused.”

Paying a ransom is no guarantee of being freed from a hell on Earth. A 21 year old Jordanian woman was abducted and repeatedly raped her.  When these savages were not satisfied the ransom money, they cut her face in different ways.  Sister Hatune saw with her own eyes 280 girls who were kidnapped and misused by Muslim men and then had their breasts and “other sensitive areas” cut. Sadly, these stories of horrific brutality were ignored in the American Mainstream Media  to instead focus on the Ray Rice NFL reinstatement saga.
Moreover, Sister Hatune inveighed against the open immigration policies in Sweden favored Muslims rather than the persecuted Christians from the Middle East.
As we reflect upon the year that has past and make new year’s resolutions, we ought to contemplate the lack of religious liberty and our collective lack of reaction to such deplorable deprivations in the Middle East and to a lesser extent at home in the West.

h/t: Media Research Center