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Senator John McCain denounces Senator Rand Paul as being a Putin apparachnik


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Senator John McCain refers to North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un as the crazy fat kid



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John McCain on Code Pink

The Senate Armed Services Committee was preparing to hear testimony from three super-annuated former Secretaries of State when the proceeding was rudely disrupted by Code Pink.  The self proclaimed “peace and social justice” NGO dedicated to protest all US wars through obnoxious grandstanding sought to make a citizens arrest of 91 year old Henry Kissinger.  Kissinger was President Richard Nixon’s (and later President Gerald Ford’s) National Security Adviser and Secretary of State .


It does not seem like the Capitol Police were prepared for the street theater in Senate hearing rooms, as the pink protesters were at first escorted to the back of the room.  When they continued to agitate, Chairman John McCain decried their lack of decorum and bid a rude adieu to the ideologically addled agitators. The Chairman’s ire might have been aided by his memory of spending five and a half years as a POW in the Hanoi Hilton during the Vietnam War. 
What was truly outstanding was former Reagan Secretary of State George Schultz’s response to the ruckus.  The 94 year old diplomat stood up to confront Code Pink and then declared:  “I salute Henry Kissinger for his many
contributions to peace and security.” This led to a standing ovation which drown out the progressive protesters. 
It was curious that Code Pink wanted to refight the Vietnam war nearly 40 years after the fall of Saigon.  If they wanted to confront a Secretary of State present with a more recent war record, they could have gone after Clinton’s second Secretary of State Madeline Albright, who was at the helm at Foggy Bottom during the NATO bombings in Serbia during the Spring of 1999.  
Ironically, Code Pink staged this protest the same day the secret tapes of Congressmen and the Pentagon communicating with Libyan officials in order to  sidestep the warmongering strategy  of  Obama’s Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who led America into what was deemed  an unnecessary war in Libya.  Was that really practicing “Smart Power”
But progressives have different rules for Democrats and it is dubious if these anti-war agitators would challenge their comrades. 


John McCain on Illegal Immigrants

“Maverick” Republican Senator John McCain (R-AZ) proclaimed at a Kennedy School of Government Forum at Harvard University  that “the Republican Party” will never win another national election unless it enacts comprehensive immigration reform, such as was pushed by his Junta de Ocho (Gang of Eight).
Juan McCain out to consider that his party probably will not win an election with a massive amnesty which is sold to the public as a pathway to citizenship.
Of course, Tea Party types would insist that if the senior Senator supports such a questionable Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a pathway to citizenship is a way that a politician who evades leadership would not have to worry about being elected again by Copper State conservatives.


A Bit about EuroMaidan– You Say You Want a Revolution


As the world watches the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russian Federation, there is unrest in Kjiv, Ukraine.  Nearly twenty years ago, Nike advertised the that Revolution would not be televised.  That proves untrue as Espreso TV was carrying it live as paramilitary attacked the peaceful protestors throughout the night of February 19th.   First news reports indicate that 22 fatalities with 1,000 people injured,  but  based on the constant pops in the night air and the burning pyres of the barricades  in the main square, this could be a low estimate. 


The EuroMaidan protests began on November 21st, 2013 when protestors gathered at Independence Square in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine when President Yanukovych suddenly swayed away from an associate agreement with the European Union and chose to strengthen economic ties with Russia.  The protest snowballed on November 30th when a group of students were attacked by the police, and it became a national movement.  


Protestors have been gathering in Independence Square, in the bitter Ukranian cold day and night to protest.  But people do not get passionate about just trade agreements.  People are concerned about the rampant corruption in Ukraine. President Yanukovych’s aloofness and unresponsiveness to the will of the people engenders ire.  And of course, the heavy handed tactics, which killed five protestors in late January and the wider violence and bloodshed today. 

While Kjiv’s main square constantly has 20,000 protestors (and can swell up to 800,000), there are said to be mini Maidans throughout the country, but much more pronounced in Western Ukraine.    George Weigel characterized the Euromaidan protests as the rising up of a nation which is tired of being ruled by thieves and barbarians and stand against a thugocracy. 


These Euromaidan protests have been going on for the last three months.  It is a region of the world that we are familiar with through the Cold War.  Now that we know the protesters goals and modus operandi, what is the Yanukovych Ukrainian government position, and how much which “friendly” neighbors help resolve the uprising?[***]Aside from geopolitical considerations, this is a people who wished to be freed from tyranny.  We ought not abandon such lovers of liberty as the Obama Administration did with the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009.   Then again, a God fearing people protesting against thievery and heavy handed tactics may not find much sympathy in today’s corridors of power of the District of Calamity. 



McCain Spares the Rod and Spoils the Staff With O’Bagy Hire

[L] Elizabeth O”Bagy [R] Senator John McCain (R-AZ)
Ordinarily in political circles the  hiring a Legislative Assistant in the Senate does not make headlines.  But Senator McCain’s (R-AZ) retention of Elizabeth O’Bagy’s services as a L.A. in his Washington office manages to
achieve that dubious distinction.  Foreign Policy “The Cable” website reports through its website that the
Senior Senator has hired the 26 year old foreign policy researcher three weeks after she was released from the Institute
for the Study of War
, a neoconservative think tank.
O’Bagy wrote an op/ed titled “On the Front Lines of Syria’s Civil War” for the
Wall Street Journal
, which downplayed the reach of Jabhut al Nursa (an Al
Qaeda affiliate) fighters  in the Syrian Free Army, and suggested that such
jihadists were concentrating in a couple of northern, rebel held areas
of Syria.  Esssentially, O’Bagy was allaying fears that U.S. involvement in the
Syrian conflict
would, in the words of former Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH 10th), be acting as Al Qaeda’s air force.
In the rush to get Congressional blessing for President Obama’s aborted red line attack threat against  Bashar Assad’s government forces in Syria for chemical weapons use, O’Bagy’s analysis was spotlighted.  Both Secretary of State John F. Kerry and Senator John McCain referenced and relied upon O’Bagy’s opinion.
Yet within a week of having her research promoted by Obama’s Secretary of State and the
Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, O’Bagy was unceremoniously severed from her stint as the ‘Syria Analyst” at the Institute for the Study of War.  Officially, O’Bagy was fired because she falsely had purported to have a combined masters/Ph.D. from Georgetown University, when she had not even defended her thesis.  But O’Bagy’s prominence on the political stage also revealed that O’Bagy served as the political director for the Syrian Emergency Task Force, which was neither  disclosed in the WSJ op/ed nor mentioned by Kerry or McCain when confirming their bent for war in the Levant.
The mission of the Syrian Emergency Task Force has been characterized by critics as pushing weapons and other military support to the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamist brigades in Syria.  The Syria Emergency task force derives its funding from a State Deparment funded Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations.
O’Bagy for her part claims that she was a contractor for the Syrian Emergency Task Force and not an employee.  Of course, that is a distinction without a difference when it comes to conflicts of interest in setting American foreign policy.  When asked about a conflict of interest, O’Bagy told the Daily Caller “I work for the Syrian people.”
 O’Bagy claims that she did not help the Syrian Emergency Task Force lobby. Yet O’Bagy admits to facilitating a meeting between Syrian rebel commanders  and Senator McCain in May. McCain maintains that he met with patriotic rebels and no terrorists.
Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) meeting with Syrian rebel commanders, May 2013
When questioned about hiring O’Bagy, Senator McCain endorsed the new L.A. by saying: “Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year. “I look forward to her joining my office.”  So the conflict of interest by O’Bagy working for the Syrian people was no problem for the maverick Senator.
This is a serious lapse of judgment by Senator McCain. As the Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee, McCain’s viewpoints are influential in facilitating American Foreign Policy.  The senior Senator from Arizona should be receiving clear guidance, not having his opinions skewed by an aide who has declared herself allied with Syria, and has ties to groups that are aligned against broader United States interests.  By sparing the rod, McCain has spoiled his staff.